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I’ll keep it short and sweet today. I’ll only ask you one question:

If you belong to a book club, are you looking for a new book and a memorable experience?

Is this missing at your book meeting?

You meet with your friends to discuss the latest book that you’ve all read.

Unfortunately, the book can’t speak back to you and answer all the questions that you might have. But this is about to change.

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dsc_0519-apple-shtrudelJanuary has come and gone.

I know that since then, you’ve eaten healthy foods. No desserts. No sodas.

Maybe you survived Valentine’s Day. But now you can’t walk by a chocolate or sweet shop without being drawn to it like metal to a magnet. You know you want it, but you know you shouldn’t.

Been there?

To the rescue:  a low-fat dessert recipe for you to indulge in and still keep you on your weight loss wagon.

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Welcome to a New Year and a New You!

To start strong, determined and successful, I have a fantastic giveaway to get you motivated. Act now! This is only a one-time offer.

I told you about a while ago that we are launching the book, Alpine Weight Loss Secrets. I am so exited! The day is here and as a celebration, I created a special giveaway for you to help me celebrate; not just the book launch but as well my birthday January 19th. Read More→

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fitBorn that way?

They say that under the age of 30 you wear the face that you are born with. And over the age of 30, you have that face that you created.

And that may also be true about our bodies.

Just look at this generation of women, most of whom are role models for many of us.
Each of them found her own personal diet, nutrition and stress management program in order to stay active, maintain youngevity and increase longevity.

Each one is great, so we couldn’t decide how to rank them! In no particular order, here are the top 15 female celebrities with the best bodies over 40:
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weight-lossIt starts with a pound.

A second pound. Then a third pound. Yes, the holidays are an unnatural gaining phase.

Now, my kick in the butt is here.

Use these 51 natural weight loss tips, truths and tools and start shedding your excess lbs.

Each strategy has been successfully implemented by Alpine Weight Loss Secrets participants who lost between 10 and 80 lbs:

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Let it go for a new beginning

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ballonThe truth!

Changing your mind, your body, your habits, even your eating habits, depends on one thing: letting go.

We remain attached to the familiar––good or bad.

Changing diet behavior is difficult. But the nutritional advise, support and coaching can work. Studies have shown that individuals keep their weight off, continue improving with the right professional support.

Whether to excess wait, unworkable relationships, or old ideas of our self, holding on gets us into trouble. Getting stuck in the same foods, the same routines, the same bad job over and over holds us back. Read More→

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youngevityIt isn’t a pretty picture: We are getting older, fatter and on top of it we live longer.

Yes, it can be a disaster. But not if you have the simple knowledge that brings joy to your life, improves your quality of life, your self-image and your body on top of it.

You can take your appearance, weight loss and youngevity to another level just by applying some simple principles:

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woman_laptopI am thrilled to share months of research with you about the best go-to sites for women over 40+. No subject is too taboo or controversial to be touched on and analyzed.

Connecting, dating, aging, weight less, pregnancy wishes, experiencing hot flashes, going through lifestyle changes, retiring, making money and dealing with difficult social and sex situations. And that’s just for starters!

It has taken me weeks to look for sites that provide valuable information, support, are easy to navigate and give fantastic tips that you can implement right now. Keep in mind that we can find ourselves in situations where it is great to have a sounding board to get some perspective on issues that you might go through. So save this blog and come back to it. Share it with your friends.
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thanksgiving-turkeyEat less.

Boring but true.

AND easier said then done. You know you have to eat less to produce weight loss. Talk to anybody on the street and ask them: How can people lose weight?

“ Eat less! Exercise! Eat Fruits! Eat Vegetables! ….”. These are tried-and-true ways, but have they stopped working for you? Here are some not-so-common strategies that have been successfully implemented to help you lose weight, by managing your thoughts, emotions and actions.

My short list of unconventional ways to manage overeating through the coming holidays

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anti-ageDare to call someone old!

I say it myself, sometimes: “Oh boy, do I look old!” Been there as well?

There are many reasons for this. One is the fact that after the age of 20, your body starts to slow: you stop growing in height, your metabolism slows down and your digestive juices do too.

The biggest factor in old-looking skin is that your digestion slows down and you don’t receive enough vitamins to nourish your skin. Many try to make up this natural occurrence and buy expensive anti-aging creams and make-up. But the solution can be much easier on so many levels.

The Truth About Our Inner Make Up

Here are some facts:

As we age, our digestive juices slow down. Smaller amounts are produced. The saliva glands produce less saliva with a lower concentration. The stomach produces less gastric juice from age twenty.

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