51 Weight Loss Tips, Truths and Tools for 2011

weight-lossIt starts with a pound.

A second pound. Then a third pound. Yes, the holidays are an unnatural gaining phase.

Now, my kick in the butt is here.

Use these 51 natural weight loss tips, truths and tools and start shedding your excess lbs.

Each strategy has been successfully implemented by Alpine Weight Loss Secrets participants who lost between 10 and 80 lbs:

1. Weight Loss Tip: Whatever you choose to do for your activity program – enjoy yourself!

2. Alpine Weight Loss Tip: At night your body should rest and not digest

3.Weight Loss Tip: To burn your white adipose tissue (around your mid section), feed the brown adipose fat. Studies have shown that omega 3 and 6 in fish oil and flaxseeds do exactly this.

4. Weight Loss Tip: When eating out or at home leave the food equivalent of 2 golf balls behind on the plate for 4 weeks.

5. Weight Loss Tool: A pen and a paper. Make a plan and follow it.

6. Alpine Weight Loss Tip: Implement the 3R2S system; See chapter 7 on page 114 in the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets book.

7. Weight Loss Tip: Consume 500 calories less a day for 1-lb weight loss per week.

8. Weight Loss Tip: The belief alone that everyday activity can help you to start get in shape and lose weight, says Christiane Northrup in her book Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom. Make sure you do more of everyday activities if you want to lose more.

9. Alpine Weight Loss Tip: Start a weight loss program with the waning moon. It is easier to work with natural cycles than against them.

10. Weight Loss Tip: Every women likes to look her best. Have a goal that shines and shows you the path. If you reach it or not, that is not the point.

11. Weight Loss Tip: Before starting an activity program, look within yourself and find out why you arrived at this point. Don’t let it happen again and get started.

12. Weight Loss Tip: Add the unexpected to your activity programs. Shake it up so that your body doesn’t move on automatic pilot.

13. Weight Loss Truth: The body you have created is a product of your thinking. It cannot be changed without your thinking.

14. Alpine Weight Loss Tip: Ditch the scale. Focus and enjoy the process of change.

15. Weight Loss Tip: Stress less for less weight.

16. Alpine Weight Loss Tip: The easiest strategy to implement is to not eat after sunset. You, your body and your digestion slow down at that point.

17. Weight Loss Tip: Weight loss for life requires that you pick an activity you like.

18. Weight Loss Tip: Best time to exercise? Between 6:00 am and 10:00 am and 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm according to author J. Douillard. Ajuveda baby. Get on the ball.

19. Alpine Weight Loss Tip: Unplug yourself. Listen to the conversation from your body. Perhaps you haven’t heard when to slow down, speed up or stop while you exercise.

20. Exercise Tip: Test yourself. Can you take 18 steps with one inhalation and exhalation through your nose? No? Work up to it as a way to improve your cardiovascular health.

21. Weight Loss Tool: Make your own Ice tea. One bottle of water with one peach, peppermint or hibiscus tea bag. Same flavor without the sugar and calories.

22. Alpine Weight Loss Tip: First thing in the morning, drink 1 glass of water instead of juice and coffee.

23. Weight Loss Tip: Hunger pangs tell you to drink or eat. All caused by the hormone ghrelin. Drink first before you eat.

24. Weight Loss Truth: Don’t hope. With hope you didn’t build on your weight loss success. Take actions.
25. Weight Loss Tip: What is in your fridge? If it isn’t full of the colors green, orange and red in the vegetable department, your fridge screams for a make over.

26. Alpine Weight Loss Tip: Train your type 2 muscle fibers! They will keep you moving fast through the ageing process and get you more bang for your workout buck. Speed is the mantra for type 2 muscles.

27. Alpine Weight Loss Tip: A gym without walls? The outdoors. Start using it. (It’s free!)

28. Weight Loss Tip: To have protein in the morning is a great strategy for weight loss. It steadies your blood sugar levels all day.

29. Weight Loss Truth: Think about this: It is not because what you can’t do. Rather because of what you won’t or don’t do. Can you lose weight in the next 7 days?

30. Weight Loss Tool: Lemon juice. A great fat emulsifier and digestion aid.

31. Weight Loss Truth: The entire chocolate cake does never taste as good as the first two bites

32. Weight Loss Tip: Raw food once a day. That means uncooked.

33. Weight Loss Tip: Eat a bigger breakfast, a smaller lunch and a tiny salad for dinner! Calorie shifting is your path to success.

34. Weight Loss Tip: Stay focused!

35. Weight Loss Truth: Best solution – consistency!

36. Weight Loss Tool: Sleep! Stressed out and tired individuals have the tendency to reach for more food to keep the energy up.

37. Weight Loss Tip: Avoid alcoholic drinks for 8 weeks. They contain empty calories!

38. Weight Loss Tip: Go for green leafy vegetables!

39. Weight Loss Tip: Proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle should all be aligned with one another. Don’t just do one or the other. Do it all.

40. Weight Loss Truth: Yeah, meditation helps.

41. Weight Loss Tip: Get up from your chair and stretch.

42. Weight Loss Tip: Set goals that you can achieve. Do not overthink. Ready, set and go.

43. Weight Loss Tip: Treat yourself anything you’d like to eat once a week. Take in those calories! And return to your plan again.

44. Weight Loss Tip: Relax your body and mind through focused diaphragmatic breathing. Helps blood circulation and detoxification.

45. Weight Loss Tip: Brush your teeth after every meal and in between eating. The minty flavor helps you avoid snacks, soda, and other sugary drinks.

46. Weight Loss Tip: Enlist a weight loss buddy. It’s great to have someone who could help you keep motivated – and vice versa.

47. Alpine Weight Loss Tip: Don’t forget your real oats! Stay away from anything instant.

48. Weight Loss Tip: Do not skip meals! Never starve yourself, as it will just lead you to eating a whole lot more.

49. Weight Loss Tip: Do a 10-minute walk before breakfast. It puts things into perspective.

50. Weight Loss Tip: Throw away junk! And that can be any kind of junk in your life. Be lighter all over!

51. Alpine Weight Loss Tip: Look at the mirror and love yourself!

Pass on those tips and save it in your bookmarks.

I wish you a happy new year and a happy new you.

Get focused!

Europe’s Premier Youngevity Coach
Author of the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets

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Happy New year Stefan.
X Elsa


Same to you Elsa.

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Hi, the post was very informative and interesting…
I will share my tips on weight loss. High-protein low carbohydrate diets are an excellent way to lose weight. Most of us consume far too much or the wrong types of carbohydrates and not enough protein. The end result is that we have become predominantly a sugar (aka carbohydrates) burning race. Our body uses three main sources of energy, fats, carbohydrates and protein. If you are consuming lots of carbs then your body will tell itself to use that as its main energy source as out of the three it finds this easiest to draw its energy from. The end result is that your metabolic rate will slow down and burn less body fat at rest, and fat loss becomes more difficult.

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