Simply the Best: 11 Sites for Women over 40


woman_laptopI am thrilled to share months of research with you about the best go-to sites for women over 40+. No subject is too taboo or controversial to be touched on and analyzed.

Connecting, dating, aging, weight less, pregnancy wishes, experiencing hot flashes, going through lifestyle changes, retiring, making money and dealing with difficult social and sex situations. And that’s just for starters!

It has taken me weeks to look for sites that provide valuable information, support, are easy to navigate and give fantastic tips that you can implement right now. Keep in mind that we can find ourselves in situations where it is great to have a sounding board to get some perspective on issues that you might go through. So save this blog and come back to it. Share it with your friends.

Here are fantastic “sister” sites that I highly recommend you check out. I did not rank them, as I recognized that each attracted a different kind of women. And don’t you feel sometimes you want to wear red then green? Here are my top 10 picks:

Name: Vibrant Nation
Reason to visit: You have to experience the community. The participants are very supportive and you can get instant feedback with issues that you might be going through. It is as if you asked your sister for advice. A must visit.

Name: 50+Fabulous
Reason to visit: Smart women, read this site. Product reviews, women in careers, and informative columns. All for the ambitious woman in the workforce. Visit and you get a tip or two.

Name: Boomer Women Speak
Reasons to visit: Contests, plus opportunities to connect to go out, chat and speak your mind.

Name: Power Surge
Reason to visit: Louise Gittleman, watch out! This site helps and supports women who are coping with menopause. And it’s a 24/7 chat. Okay, haven’t you been up sometimes in the middle of the night and thinking what is wrong? Chat with other women right then.

Name: Wowowow
Reason to visit: Would you like opinions, thoughts and tips from Liz Smith, Whoopi Goldberg, and Lesley Stahl? Then this is the site for you. A fun place to visit on this site is the “Adventure” section. Don’t miss it.

Name: More
Reason to visit: Reinvention, sex, money and love. The formula that makes many of us go round. More has a good mixture of all the issues and openly addresses all the topics that are not talked about.

Name: Breast Cancer Organization
Reason to visit: Breast cancer can be diagnosed at any age in any woman. Stop by at this forum for older women who are dealing with age-appropriate issues.

Name: Blog Her
Reason to visit: A site that speaks her mind. Really, they address any issue from the horse’s mouth. You will get the real deal and many different perspectives. And why do they stand out? Because contributions are made by women who are in social media.

Name: The Feisty Side Of Fifty
Reason to visit: Looking for work? This site shares great tips how to find work and also how to pursue the things you love. This site is all about helping you to push forward to find work.

Name: Over 40 High FSH
Reason to visit: This forum is packed with contacts and information regarding the consequences of high follicular-stimulating hormone.

Name: American Society on Aging
Reason to visit: If you are interested in aging, there might be events and conferences near you that you could attend. This is a good site to check from time to time.

Due diligence: I looked at 137 WebPages to come up with this list. But perhaps I missed one that you like. Care to share? Do so in the comment section below.

Stay focused,

Stefan Aschan

Your Weight Loss Coach

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