Let it go for a new beginning


ballonThe truth!

Changing your mind, your body, your habits, even your eating habits, depends on one thing: letting go.

We remain attached to the familiar––good or bad.

Changing diet behavior is difficult. But the nutritional advise, support and coaching can work. Studies have shown that individuals keep their weight off, continue improving with the right professional support.

Whether to excess wait, unworkable relationships, or old ideas of our self, holding on gets us into trouble. Getting stuck in the same foods, the same routines, the same bad job over and over holds us back.

The same foods provide us a limited amount of nourishment on a cellular level.

The same routines create wear and tear on the same points and injuries, aches and pains occur.

Let this be your resolution this year:

  • · To let go.
  • · Start to live.
  • · Stop to worry.

Watch how that decision will bring about an amazing change in your life towards a new beginning––a new you.

Sure, you can try the same top 10 lists, foods, exercises, but the key is genuine change.

My wish for 2011: That you learn to let go of all the unworkable things in your life. Whether bad eating behaviors, abusive relationships, or a bad mental attitude. Let go.

And find yourself again.

Stay focused,


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I agree with the statement: We remain attached to the familiar––good or bad.
I wish I could easily change what I do but when I don’t pay close attention I fall back into the familiar routines.


Step by step Betty…

Stop saying “wish”. Replace it with “I CAN”.

Warm hugs,


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