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I’ll keep it short and sweet today. I’ll only ask you one question:

If you belong to a book club, are you looking for a new book and a memorable experience?

Is this missing at your book meeting?

You meet with your friends to discuss the latest book that you’ve all read.

Unfortunately, the book can’t speak back to you and answer all the questions that you might have. But this is about to change.

Heighten your book club experience with the presence of the author (me) who wrote the “Alpine Weight Loss Secrets.” I will read from the work and answer your questions about longevity, youngevity, and beauty and weight loss in real time!

I can address specific questions regarding menopause, aging, staying trim and strong and how to lose extra pounds. I am all about staying longer stronger and younger.

Recipes, stories, education, laughter and good conversation–that’s what I can promise you.

Why I am the expert in youngevity and weight loss? In both Austria and America, I obtained my Culinary Arts degree from Aigen in Ennstal, a degree as a hair stylist and colorist, many fitness certificates (more then 12 at this point) and my Masters in Science in Holistic Nutrition. Hard to beat when you add on 17 + years of experience in the weight loss arena, isn’t it?

Ask me to come to your next book club meeting. This offer is good on a first-come, first-served basis.

Stay focused.

Europe’s Premier Longevity Coach
Author of the “Alpine Weight Loss Secrets”




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