“New York, New Year, New You” Giveaway –Win the $1,587 Grand Prize



Welcome to a New Year and a New You!

To start strong, determined and successful, I have a fantastic giveaway to get you motivated. Act now! This is only a one-time offer.

I told you about a while ago that we are launching the book, Alpine Weight Loss Secrets. I am so exited! The day is here and as a celebration, I created a special giveaway for you to help me celebrate; not just the book launch but as well my birthday January 19th.

I have a $1,587 grand prize giveaway for


This is what you could win:

The AWLS Book – A value of $14.95

Learn about what alpine folks in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s do and eat to move and look as if they are in their mid 30’s. Preview the book by clicking here.

The DVD Program – A value of $39

Learn the secrets to maintain youngevity and longevity while losing lbs and maintain your figure like a 30-year-old. Preview it here…

The Inner Circle Access – A value of $348

Every week you will receive 3 to 4 new activity programs that you can do in 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes. And weekly coaching updates for one year. Click here for more info.

The Strength123 DVD – A value of $29

Gain your strength, lose your belly and shape your legs, hips, waist and arms, easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

The 4- Hour Body Book – A value of $29

The 4- hour body – An unconventional approach by Tim Ferris. Always get different opinions when you start taking care of your body for better health, looks or longevity.

The AWLS T-Shirt – A value of $20

Yes, you have the right to look better and to give yourself the right to change. So let’s start with an Alpine Weight Loss Secret T-shirt. Make yourself feel good in starting your activity program with a brand new T-shirt!

The Wristband – A value of $10

When the going gets tough. Wear this band as a constant reminder of your commitment to a new you this year. The path to your goal starts with the little steps that you take throughout the day. The wristband is a reminder to do exactly this I am giving away this unique, once in a lifetime, package.

But there is more to this package!

The Make-over – A value of $250

Receive your personal make-over with John Gerhard – Top stylist at the New York Fashion show at the Lincoln Center. A cut, a blow-dry and a new look. Yes, you can look younger, stronger and more beautiful at the same time!

The Massage – A value of $150

Pampering yourself is as important as proper eating, drinking and breathing. We have the top massage therapist in town for you, Arthur Ludwig. Arthur has been working in the field for more then 20 years and has traveled with the Yankee’s team to take care of their players. (Since I am Austrian, and yodel when we grow up, it totally passed me by that the Yankee’s are an American Baseball institution! Go figure!). Despite our cultural differences Arthur understands the different massages, for different goals, body structures and injuries.

Only the best for you.

The Pedicure – A value of $100

New York is in many ways an Alpine village. And there are many things that make New York New York. One of these are the neighborhood places that you won’t know about that give fantastic services in a serene atmosphere. Rob and Renee would love to greet you at “The Nail Place” for your manicure and pedicure. Pampering all around ahhhhh :). Won’t you love to win all this as a grand prize?

Did you think that was all? There’s even


The Hotel Stay – Priceless!!!

One night in a chic NYC Hotel and 2-hour personal coaching with Europe’s Premier Longevity Coach, Stefan Aschan. Seriously, do you think I would stop there? Nope…

The Beauty Tour – A value of $250

Kristina Naza quattro-stagioni-estate

“Quattro Stagioni, Estate” copyright Knstudios

My program is about your mind, body and beauty. Find inspiration with famous artist Kristina Nazarevskaia. Have you seen Sex in the City or Gossip Girl? Then you have seen her paintings shown in this movie and super popular TV show! Kristina’s art is currently in private and corporate collections in 29 countries and almost 40 States! As part of this incredible promotion, Kristina will take you on a personal two-hour art tour of the New York’s one and only Museum of Modern Art.

You will walk away with a sense of exhilaration from discovering your new inner creativity and gaining an all-new perspective on such famous artists as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, Brice Marden and others masters.

How can you enter to win this

“New York, New Year, New You,”

Giveaway Grand Prize or one of the

10 Alpine Weight Loss Secrets books?

Here are your options to participate. Enter by:

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Yeah, pounds will be lost, aches and pains will be forgotten, new bodies will be discovered, and new beauty revealed … all in this back-to-basics, natural way. No pills, no drugs, no liposuction, no gastric bypass surgery, no botox. Simply you.

Alpine Weight Loss Secrets –How to look and fell 5, 10 and even 20 years younger naturally.

Get busy and share the love.


Europe’s Premier Youngevity Coach

P.S: This is the beginning of many peaks that will be climbed long after this post has been read and the giveaway has been received. P.P.S: The contest will end in 4 weeks (midnight CST Monday February 14th, 2011) and I will select a winner through random number generation. The lucky recipient will be notified via email.




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As a busy homeschool mom of 4, I could use some TLC for body and soul!


Hi! I think I should win this giveaway b/c I am a mom to 5 small children & could not afford any of the prize on my own. My kids ages are 9, 5, 4 and twin 18 month olds (they were a surprise-both of them). My husband had to close his construction business after years of struggling to make ends meet. He has searched for a job for over a year and has just been hired. I think I deserve a great weight loss/health package and a little TLC.


I tweeted the giveaway.


I liked this on facebook.


I watched the video on youtube & commented.


I posted a link on facebook.


After having three children, full time job and going to school…I am needing a kick in the pants to get this weight off. I want to live a healthy life where I can enjoy my children for years to come.


This would be a prize of a life time for me.


Why should I win this unique grand prize? Honestly, I don’t deserve it. It’s been 14 months since I had my 2nd baby and I haven’t done a doggone thing to even approach losing this weight. It’s a bit of fear mingled with the crushing defeat if my new-fangled plan for weight loss tramples me to death! =) I’d like a fresh start. I’m a part-time working Mama of two boys, grad student and Mommy-Blogger. I’m a busy, professional, married homeowner who could benefit by a program that goes with my crazy lifestyle! And, c’mon what busy beaver Mama DOESN’T deserve a pamper session in NYC? =)


I just tweeted the giveaway @glitterfulfelt


I just “liked” your page on facebook (Shelby Barone)


I would love the opportunity to win this book/DVD set. I have been working soooo hard on a lean cuisine – skinny cow weight loss challenge and have been very committed. I am already losing weight, but knowing how to exercise and change other parts of my lifestyle are a struggle. This book could really help me. 🙂

Plus as I am losing weight a makeover could also really help me feel better about myself.


Yay! A busy mom needs pampering and “New York, New Year, New You” Giveaway is a timely and priceless indulgence of a lifetime.

I followed you on FB and tweeted the giveaway at http://twitter.com/#!/dutdot/status/27423187805405185


I need to get back on track. I gained weight back after emergency surgery and it’s been hard to get motivated again.


What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to be entered into this! Thank you!


Just tweeted! @jenniferssaving


I love the phrase “Make your body your business!” I’d like to pay more attention to my body this year, not just as an after-thought but as a primary job!! 🙂


Friend you on Facebook and left a message on the wall




Watched You Tube and left a comment




I need this. I need to lose 120 pounds to get down to my ideal weight. WOW!!! That’s a whole other person. I need to be healthier for my children. I need to be able to do things with them without getting so tired out. I need more energy. I do not feel like I am setting a good example for them. I am disappointing my boys, my husband, and myself.


I need this to help me get in shape and lose some weight and Also I need to also help my Hushand get in shape because he is overweight and has High Blood pressure and also he is suppose to watch his Sugar and he does not so I Believe we I Win this I could also really help him too


Well, I have to say I don’t deserve this but I would really like it. I am 64, have reached my Weight Watcher’s goal, am committed to staying healthy. I have never (honestly) had a massage. I had a makeover once in a department store. I have 6 grown children and 2 wonderful baby grandsons. I want to be here for years to come, healthy and fit. This looks like it would be right up my alley. Thanks for the opportunity.


One word MOTIVATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! K.C.

Darrell Bennett
January 28th, 2011 at


Darrell Bennett
February 7th, 2011 at

Thanks, Thanks

Stephanie Hrouda
February 15th, 2011 at

Count me in. I would love to go on a trip


I follow on Facebook.

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