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awls_cover-blogI couldn’t be more thrilled.

I am finally announcing the release of my upcoming book,  Alpine Weight Loss Secrets – The Natural Way to Look 5, 10, Even 20 Years Younger.

If you want an effective guide that has been proven effective for natural weight loss and age loss, this is it.

Each chapter reveals secrets, strategies, information and exercises that you can do with minimal effort to get maximum results. You don’t need high-tech gadgets, gyms or any expensive yet enticing super foods.

Injured? Not a problem.

I give you strategies on how to reverse them with natural approaches and my AAE secret. No, there won’t be any injections, medication, or surgeries required. Yet, your results will be outstanding and wildly successful, as proven with my clients, who have undergone  meniscus operations on both knees and who are today  active and 100% pain free now. Read More→

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stretchmarks2Stretch marks and cellulite are two things almost every woman of any age fights. It can be so frustrating when you have lost the weight, worked hard yet still have stretch marks and cellulite. Are there any treatments that can say goodbye to cellulite and stretch marks? First, let’s understand the condition:

What is cellulite and what are stretch marks?

Both conditions have to do with your skin. Our skin is the largest organ on our body and the outside shows the condition on the inside.

Cellulite is subcutaneous fat stored below the top layer of the skin, in the dermis and epidermis. Cellulite has the surface appearance of an orange peel, as the fat is irregularly structured into random dimples. Until today, there was no one single cure; instead there were many strategies put forth that diminished cellulite. Read More→

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longevity-3You lost the first 25 lbs and have another 25 lbs to go. Now, your mind is full of questions: How do I keep it off? Can I keep it off? How can I lose the next 5 lbs? How quickly can I lose the next 40 lbs? And how do I keep it off successfully, long-term?

I grew up in a little Austrian village with 20 houses and 3 farms in the Alps. So it’s natural that I look at weight loss from the Alpine prospective. Where I grew up, it was common for individuals in their 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s to move and  to live life as if they were in their late 30’s. To this background, I added multiple certifications in fitness, a culinary arts degree and a Masters in Nutrition. Here are my 5 tips for long-term weight loss success. Read More→

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What do you prefer?

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(Read to the end of this blog and win)

When it comes to weight loss, longevity and/or a youngevity program half of the battle is getting
started. The other part is to stay on a program.

That’s why I have created the “Look, Learn, Do” Newsletters that correlate with the 14-day
nutritional and exercise programs.

The weight loss updates and solutions Read More→

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obese_13778tIt is really difficult to motivate people to do something that they don’t want to do. Really! We all know we “should” maintain our weight, (or lose weight, if necessary) work out regularly and focus on nutrition. But why isn’t that so?

Health and time are really gifts that we need to appreciate. The rest of life is just an outcome of our productivity and our capability. When we feel energized, have confidence and feel secure in who we are, we push to new levels of personal achievement. The well-known check list as I refer to it: Financial success, a nice apartment, nice clothing and a special car. We all have our own lists.

But all too often, we take the gift of health for granted.  When we feel well, the last thing we focus on is health. Ironically, the only thing that really matters when you’ve lost health is to get it back.   Yet how many people do you know go beyond the basics and cherish the gift of health to reach an abundance of energy, a lean defined body and maintain this till older age? Look at the general population and you will have your answer. Read More→

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Can you expect longevity?

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706636_me_at_29_and_at_89_years_oldAging! Will I be healthy? Will I be strong? Will I be able to live independently? And how to live longer younger is still another question that arises as baby boomers get older. There are answers to these questions.

Longevity is the term that explains all these concerns under one label. It is interchangeable with the term “life expectancy.” And how about youngevity? Stefan, are you crazy, what is this? Ok, ok, let me explain. Youngevity is my term to explain how young you will stay, act and look even in older age. Can this be done?

Longevity is easier to accomplish. Simply by going for check-ups and adjusting nutritional intake, you can probably increase your longevity. Also you can calculate your expected longevity with those calculators:

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weight-scaleFinally! Lost 46 pounds. The excitement is fresh. Hearing compliments make you want to keep going. You are happy and feel good about yourself.

Then the gossip starts. Is s/he sick? Cancer? Lymphoma? You are too thin. Are you all right? Are you hiding something? These are all questions and statements that you might hear when you lose an extensive amount of weight. And so the big question:  What is the right weight for my height and age. I have been asked this question countless times.

Here are some guidelines that will help you to find your limits. Read More→

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To live younger longer? Possible? Yes, but does it need surgery? An oxygen tank?

Are you wondering what else can be done besides Botox, liposuction and acid facial peels? What are the alternatives? What can you do at home right now? The shows are interviews and conversations about how to naturally look and feel younger longer 5, 10 or even 15 years.

Check it out and click the video below.


In addition to my advice experts from around the world will be interviewed.

Here are some examples that you will learn:

*Activities: Longevity tests for activities. Which one keeps you younger longer: Pilates, Yoga, Strength or Cardio training?

*Carcinogens and free radicals: How do they age us? Discover skin masks from around the world for the bodies wrinkle cure.

*Sex: Sex at 45+; the highpoint of experience. How to spice it up with toys, clothing, and positions

Will these techniques and secrets work? Members of my audience who will apply the techniques and secrets will be followed-up to see how these “Younger Longer” methods are working!

Vote for me!

And stay focused as always.


Your Weight Loss Youngevity Coach

To sign up for your FREE weight loss updates and solutions go to

1014727_sunny_beachThe beach. Relaxing for many but stressful for others.

Let’s be honest. Have you been on a beach and thought, “I wish I’d lost a few pounds,” before the bikini, Speedo or bathing trunks hugged your body? All you could do was pull in your stomach and barely breathe while walking on the beach. Not fun.

But it’s a recurring story for many of you around the world who enjoy the beach and the sun. This past week, three inquires came in regarding emergency weight loss, wanting it to happen in just 4 to 5 weeks. “Interesting,” I thought to myself, “now I seem to become the go-to guy for emergency weight loss.”

I have a few tricks up my sleeve. What do expect, having been in the industry more then 17 years, with multiple certifications in fitness, a masters in nutrition and a degree in the culinary arts?

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Can You Commit?

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Client one can’t stop eating. Client two can’t say no to work. Client three prefers to go home and relax after work.

In our never-ending work environment, equipped with Blackberry, SMS and cell phones (all of which have made this possible) we are always reachable, ready to pick up the phone, and ready to drop what we’re doing in one second and move to the next task. Surely you have seen it at work: Someone picks up the phone, Read More→

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