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When it comes to weight loss, longevity and/or a youngevity program half of the battle is getting
started. The other part is to stay on a program.

That’s why I have created the “Look, Learn, Do” Newsletters that correlate with the 14-day
nutritional and exercise programs.

The weight loss updates and solutions are a great informational tool to keep on track and informed about new information as well. I love to push your buttons and to make you think. Definitely not for the light hearted.

If you could choose, would you prefer to follow a DVD exercise programs in front of your TV or do you prefer to access it via a web link (you can watch it there and download it into your iPod,
iPhone, or other device you may have)?

Option 1: DVD

Option 2: On-line video

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The same question for motivational coaching information. Do you prefer a CD that you can
listen to or do you prefer an online download file (mp3 download)?

Option 1: CD

Option 2: Online file

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Yes, your opinion matters! And because I don’t like you to participate without getting any
rewards, I will give away one free personal training or skype coaching session for the first 20 voters.

The winner will be picked in 7 days.

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Thank you.


P.S.: One hour nutrition coaching or personal
training for free. Vote and be selected from one
of the first 20 people.

P.P.S.: Sorry, I forgot to tell you: “Stay

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