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Ease your pain issues and learn inner solutions in 3 days, or just 5 1/2 hours of treatment.  – without shots, surgery or pain medications. Please inquire for a consultation


Many companies have hired him to educate, entertain and break up their long monotonous days of company trainings seminars. Get your employees exited to work for you and show them that you care for their well-being. Cutting down on the expenses of healthcare cost’s starts with the first step and the first step starts with this presentation.

I tailor my presentation style to your audience. Below you will find two 30-minute presentation options to choose from.

Option one:

Goal setting for physical health
Food log and weight control
A demonstration of activities in the room using chairs and tables

Option two:

Explanation of your core and its purpose
Demonstration of a TVA band for core activation during the day
Implementation of simple exercises for strengthening your core
Execution of exercises while engaging your core

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Jennifer Herrera, Director, Store Operations, Martin+Osa

“He was great!! He was funny; clearly an expert and he commanded attention. We continued to reference his presentation throughout the rest of our time together. Stefan was very clever that he took some information on our group prior to coming in and using that in the dialogue – what a nice touch!! It felt as if it was just a personal presentation just for us.

I received feedback from several participants how glad they were to have that break up in our 3 day business leader meeting time. And I will continue to reference your thoughts to the team to ensure we keep the learning’s and awareness alive.

Thank you again.”

Chris Gorman, Store Director, Martin+Osa San Francisco
“Hey Jen…

I just wanted to take a second and personally thank you for the presentation that Stefan gave at the last conference. For some reason that was exactly the last bit of motivation I needed to become serious about my health and fitness routines.

Since the conference I have been religious about a fitness routine and have become very regimented with my eating (thanks to his food tips). I feel better, more motivated, more energized and just generally happier… and I think I even lost a waist size YEAH!

So thanks for placing a focus on us this last conference… it truly has paid off for me!”

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