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Intimate group gatherings:
These ancient techniques are passed on orally for centuries based on the Himalayan Yog Vedantic Linage near Rishikes, India.I am gratful to have received these ancient techniques and share them when needed.
Nervous System Reset
Breath practices with slow flow for opening and restoration.
SATTVA Breath Work Level 1
Breath work focus on meditation breath and balancing mantras for balancing flow.
SATTVA Breath Work Level 2
Intensify on your previous practice to deepen and cleansing the systems with prana, your energy system
Breath Kriya Kundalini Workshop
Raising of energy into bliss state. Pranayama, breath and mantra Kriya. Balancing vibration and rhythm of Shiva and Shakti, feminine and masculine. Accessing with breath the endocannabinoid system.
Guided Meditation Workshop 
A world of techniques. Start here and learn simple practices to come into stillness of repeating mind loops and thoughts.
Wisdom is the experience over years of growth. We share all with you that has been given to me for you to grow, unpeel layers and come to your own authentic self. I am estatice to share and guide you in following below:
UR Loved Estatic Dance Journey
Experience of joy, bliss and tranquility. You are seen. You are heard. You are perfect who you are. Rise. Go deep. Feel safe to explore and experience different version and timelines of you. Express your movement and sound with vibration and rhythm that is only true to your own resonance. We rise in union of this community and fostering a world that we like to see.
Integrative listening workshop 
Do you wish you are able to feel received with your shared inner aliveness? An open dialog with honesty and purity can be challenging to be heard. To be seen and to be understood. This is a skill that can be learned. Learn the skills to 1) listen, 2) repeat and 3) to rephrase. A skill to have in any situation.
Inner child workshop
Get to know your inner visiting your Inner child. To speak, listen and to connect again to your true inner voice in from the chambers of your heart spoken with your tongue.
Non violent communication workshop
How we are conditioned and connect with others is related in our speech when we break silence with spoken words. What words do we choose and how are they received? I guide you to take a look at the transaction of communication and from which place they are originating. When you gain awareness we can make changes. You will receive solutions and options how to say requests to receive.
My embryo and me – Selfworth workshop
Before the inner child we are an embryo that became you. A success on its own for you to read this message. We are blinded by our conditioned from our beloved parents, grand parents and all ancestors that came before you and I. I guide to look at self worth that has been passed on to us that might not be even yours.
Deep relating workshops series
Do you feel uncomfortable connecting with others? How about relating with your inner self? That can be in many forms. Through the eyes. Through audio from your mouth. Through touch. If this all makes you uncomfortable these workshop is for you to come back into balance to be able to connect with yoursleve and others. Do they below resonate with you?:
  • Receiving a “No”? “Thank you for taking care of yourself” Workshop
  • New and full moon celebrations and ceremonies – What is not mine will be left behind.
  • Divine Feminine & Masculine: The Union. Inclusive circles non gender based
  • The guidance of color and consciousness
Your pelvic – Deep rooted in movement and stability
Three hour workshop about your pelvic, hip joints and spine. Our pelvic is deep rooted in stability of walking and crawling. Even sitting. Over time we lose the understanding and ability by non integrative daily movements in ranges that are available to you. Integrated in your movement with your pelvic you will find actions, movement become more easier, simpler more effective and less stressful.
The “Pelvic Clock” is a lesson that resonates with everyone as we all walk, bend and dance. This lesson is know for the ability to reduce discomfort. To improve flexibility and stability. Integrated into the entire movement system with harmony you will experience the value of easiness, regardless of your challenges or limitations. There are thousand of ingenious movement exercises or lessons that have been created by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. We will explore a series of interconnected lessons that integrate, amplify and reveal the aspects of interrelations of the hip to the body of intelligence as a whole. This workshop will benefit your:
  • Hip joints and lower back
  • Posture
  • Ability to sit comfortably
  • Self-use and flexibility
  • Musculoskeletal organization
  • Ability to turn and get up and down
  • Mobility of your spine

UR Loved retreats – Ancient transcendence and wisdom non gender based deep in the Oasis of Egypt and many other places on Mother Earth, Devine Gaia. We welcome all and I call in to be inclusive inside you to all in you.


You Are Loved – Sunrise Dance Party in Asbury Park NJ, US, Sep 26th 2021

UR Loved Estatic Dance Journey Siwa, Egypt, May 28th 2023

UR Loved Estatic Dance Workshops El Gouna, Egypt, November 4th & 5th 2023

UR Loved Estatic Dance Journey Vienna, Austria, November 2023

UR Loved Estatic Dance Journey Rishikes, India, April 17th, 2024

UR Loved Estatic Dance Journey Rishikes, India, April 24th, 2024

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