My Top 5 Tips For Long-Term Weight Loss


longevity-3You lost the first 25 lbs and have another 25 lbs to go. Now, your mind is full of questions: How do I keep it off? Can I keep it off? How can I lose the next 5 lbs? How quickly can I lose the next 40 lbs? And how do I keep it off successfully, long-term?

I grew up in a little Austrian village with 20 houses and 3 farms in the Alps. So it’s natural that I look at weight loss from the Alpine prospective. Where I grew up, it was common for individuals in their 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s to move and  to live life as if they were in their late 30’s. To this background, I added multiple certifications in fitness, a culinary arts degree and a Masters in Nutrition. Here are my 5 tips for long-term weight loss success.

The first, I wouldn’t call a tip. That’s because long-term success isn’t about tips. A tip is forgotten in 5 seconds. Advice will be remembered, analyzed and hopefully implemented for your success.

1. So here it is: Live a life that creates an environment encouraging natural eating. In today’s environment, we are so far removed from eating fresh air foods. Go back to our roots and look what’s around in our natural environment and start eating that way. In the American Journal of Public Health, a study confirmed that when individuals watch an increased number of fast food ads on TV, their consumption increases as well. This is how we are subconsciously influenced in today’s environment. Instead, go out in the fields, visit a farm and see what is growing. This is what you base your eating choices on: What’s fresh, what’s seasonal, what’s newly picked.

2. Eat your enzymes. Enzymes are the key players in your metabolism. Without them, nothing will work properly. Take the enzymes away for 1 week, and you will die, as no chemical reactions will find place. To get detailed information regarding what kind of enzymes and how you can get them, download my free report “How to live the next 25 years in perfect health”

3, Don’t think exercise, think movements. Learn about the primal movement patterns and enjoy them in any environment. They can really become playful, increase balance, stability and develop lean muscle tissue without thinking that you are exercising. The primal movement patterns are: walking, lunging, running, sprinting, squatting, bending, twisting, and crawling. Now, if you think about those movements, you will realize that you don’t need a gym for this. Just some motivations to have fun with those patterns in various environments anywhere you find yourself.

4. Try something new. As we go through the aging process, we get set in our patterns. Many times, we like to do the same thing over and over again. And  that holds true with our nutrition intake as well. We eat the same foods over and over again. For long- term weight loss, you will have to make it interesting. Try new foods, try new cooking methods. Explore and discover what else is out there. The world is full of riches that can make your life and taste buds much fuller.

5. Copy and paste into your life. Ask questions of people who have been able to keep their weight off. Or, study a nation that has lower obesity rates. Copy their approaches and paste them into your lifestyle. Yes, there might be a genetic component. But in my 17 years-plus experience– working with individuals between 23 and 87–those who have managed to stay thin in older age work at it every day. Either it is making solid decisions regarding nutrition choices or finding activities that can be followed for a lifetime.

Here are some specifics:

*6 times per week, find 20 minutes of  heart-pounding aerobic activities per day

*Increase your protein intake with fish and chicken (In case you have kidney problems do so with plant based proteins)

*Get 70% of carbohydrates from vegetables

*Take care of your digestion with peppermint tea

*Take brief fresh air breaks several times a day

Stay focused.


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