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1014727_sunny_beachThe beach. Relaxing for many but stressful for others.

Let’s be honest. Have you been on a beach and thought, “I wish I’d lost a few pounds,” before the bikini, Speedo or bathing trunks hugged your body? All you could do was pull in your stomach and barely breathe while walking on the beach. Not fun.

But it’s a recurring story for many of you around the world who enjoy the beach and the sun. This past week, three inquires came in regarding emergency weight loss, wanting it to happen in just 4 to 5 weeks. “Interesting,” I thought to myself, “now I seem to become the go-to guy for emergency weight loss.”

I have a few tricks up my sleeve. What do expect, having been in the industry more then 17 years, with multiple certifications in fitness, a masters in nutrition and a degree in the culinary arts?

Your Speediest Summer Shape-Up Tips:

Get busy. Start an endurance interval training program. For two weeks, use a cardio strength interval approach. You’ll not only burn more calories but also burn the most fat calories overall. But don’t skimp on the weights: Strength train to define and tone. Once you’ve burned the fat, you’ll want to build up your lean muscle tissue.

Increase your protein. It is true that your body needs protein as a building blocks for your lean muscle tissue. As you increase your activity level, you need the right kind of fuel. Also, you need fibrous carbohydrates for your system to derive nutrients and to move the additional protein through your system.

Skip the alcohol. One glass of red or white wine has about 140 calories. Multiply this times 7 (one glass each day) is comes out to be 980 calories. Multiply this by 4 weeks (in one month), and it comes to 3920 calories. One pound is about 3000 calories. One pound loss with this simple strategy. And beer would be another no-no as you might have yeast sensitivity that can bloat you like a balloon.

Get into the zone. Don’t flip through the channels in a gym. Don’t rely on radio programming when you work out at home. Be prepared. Listen to music that you absolutely love and get moving. Zone out and have a great ride, run, or strength workout.

Count your calories. Figure out your BMR. Your BMR is the amount of calories required to maintain a certain weight. When you have your BMR, reduce it by either 20%, 30% or minus 500 calories. Whichever approach you choose is totally up to you.

Do compare yourself to others. Yes, you heard me right. Do compare yourself to others during this time to get and stay motivated. Keep that visual image in your head. Yes, I could not agree more that you should not do this normally, but the goal is for you to stay motivated and push yourself. So compare yourself and keep this image in your head while working out.

Avoid fruits (besides these magic three.) It’s simple: fruits raise your insulin levels. And in any weight loss (and emergency makeover program), you need to manage your blood sugar; your insulin. Fruits are a simple carbohydrate that raise your blood sugar levels. Stay away from this sweet temptation in the next 4 weeks. Grapefruit, lemons and limes are ok. Why? Grapefruit is very low in calories; lemon and lime help your stomach’s hydrochloric acid which enables you to digest food more efficiently; it also cleanses your liver; the site of fat metabolization.

Stick to your activity 5 times per week. This is a must: no negotiations. Do three strength programs and 2 cardio sessions per week for the next 4 weeks. Too much? Go to bed earlier and rest. Turn off the TV. Have children and are busy with house work? Ok, involve your kids. Walk, lunge, and squat with the stroller. If there is a will there is a way.

These are my seven top emergency get–in-shape summer tips. There are many more. But whatever route you choose, it’s best is to work with guidelines and with a defined program. This program can come from a personal trainer, a group setting or from a home workout video program.

Last minute make over programs can be easier on you, psychologically. They don’t drag on forever; there is a start and an end date. Lifestyle programs are more difficult to figure out as it is a life long commitment and it’s a challenge to keep your motivation going for the long run.

As a general rule: Just don’t focus just on eating less or just on working out. Implement both in combination.

Get busy. Get it done. Get results.

Stay focused.


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