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To live younger longer? Possible? Yes, but does it need surgery? An oxygen tank?

Are you wondering what else can be done besides Botox, liposuction and acid facial peels? What are the alternatives? What can you do at home right now? The shows are interviews and conversations about how to naturally look and feel younger longer 5, 10 or even 15 years.

Check it out and click the video below.


In addition to my advice experts from around the world will be interviewed.

Here are some examples that you will learn:

*Activities: Longevity tests for activities. Which one keeps you younger longer: Pilates, Yoga, Strength or Cardio training?

*Carcinogens and free radicals: How do they age us? Discover skin masks from around the world for the bodies wrinkle cure.

*Sex: Sex at 45+; the highpoint of experience. How to spice it up with toys, clothing, and positions

Will these techniques and secrets work? Members of my audience who will apply the techniques and secrets will be followed-up to see how these “Younger Longer” methods are working!

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And stay focused as always.


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foot-massageGo for a massage! Many times we have heard these words as advice after an intense training program or competitive event.

This month, in the “Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise” we are educated differently about the benefits of massage and muscle recovery.

This study tested the hypothesis that sports massage aids muscle recovery from exercise by increasing blood flow to muscles. Increased blood flow should help to remove the build up of lactic acid, which is stored in the muscles.

Twelve individuals where recruited and tested. Two minutes of strenuous isometric exercise with the forearms were performed to elevate the lactic acid in these muscles. Right after the volunteers exhausted their arm muscles, they either lay and relaxed or received a massage by a certified sports massage therapist.

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Can You Commit?

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Client one can’t stop eating. Client two can’t say no to work. Client three prefers to go home and relax after work.

In our never-ending work environment, equipped with Blackberry, SMS and cell phones (all of which have made this possible) we are always reachable, ready to pick up the phone, and ready to drop what we’re doing in one second and move to the next task. Surely you have seen it at work: Someone picks up the phone, Read More→

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How does a busy mother of three with knee pain on both sides (after two meniscus operations) and heart problems shed almost 30 lbs and drop 4 dress sizes all while continuing to cook for her family and herself?

A super attitude, with super motivation and expecting super results.

Judith wasn’t struggling her entire life with weight. Even after three children she was in fantastic shape and had a nice body. Then, as the children became older, became independent, less activity settled in. The fridge became a daily night stop. And a little bit of boredom set in. Slowly the weight started creeping up. Blood pressure rose. Medication for cardiovascular diseases where prescribed. And stairs became difficult to walk up.

In a bit of role reversal, it was one of her children Read More→

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I am thrilled and pleased to announce the winner of the “Look Younger” contest and update you on other exiting happenings.

 “How to look younger naturally” Survey: And the Winner is….

Thank you for all participating in the survey “How to look younger naturally. I received fifty-five questions, and every one was a winner in Read More→

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Spring workout

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It’s no newsflash: To create a body that moves energetically and without pain or stiffness AND looks great takes work.

What is new; to understand how to stage your workout program. It doesn’t take skill to just pick up a weight and start moving it. But it does take skill to move it in such a way that it helps you  achieve your goal objective. And for that, you may need knowledge about how to move that weight properly. A dysfunctional movement pattern doesn’t move you closer to your goal. Keep this in mind when starting an exercise program.

Spring weather is around the corner on the East Coast. The birds are chirping at 5:15 am and the days are getting warmer (like this past weekend). You are feeling to get out and about and ready to start being active.

Shorts are out, leaves and buds are peeking out, flip flops are on…there’s a new beginning in the air; all at once at the same time. It is no wonder my inquiries for diet programs and workout sessions increase. The perfect butt, the perfect arms, shoulders, and a smaller midsection should be accomplished within 4 weeks. Doable? Yes, depending at which stage you are starting (250 lbs or 116 lbs). Read More→

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Why are you gaining weight again?

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Remember January when the motivation to lose weight was high? It is clear that you could succeed as you lost the first 10 to 15 lbs. Then you get comfortable and you start gaining slowly all back. Frustrating isn’t it? And the stats prove this phenomenon relapse and weight gain. Just consider:

80 percent of all individuals who lose weight gained the pounds lost and even a little more within 3 to 5 years, according to a study from Oxford University published in the International Journal of Obesity. Read More→

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 I had to use this wording. I couldn’t resist. Because this is really what it is.

This might be you. You are priding yourself on going running every single day. You love it. Yet, you meet me and you ask me how you can lose weight. That has happened so many times that I want to share with you the basics of what I explain to those individuals like you. Read More→

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Today I have tips for you. Tips that you can use right now to get started in moving in the direction of better health, less weight, a toned and in-shape body, and a positive attitude.

Tip one:
Create an Read More→

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Make your abs pop

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Bring your six-pack to the surface. Does it need a crunch? A plank? A lateral twist? Perhaps none of this. An evident six-pack or not, you do need abdominal strength for stability of the upper and lower extremities.

What is the right body fat percentage to see six pack abs? Read More→

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