Spring workout


It’s no newsflash: To create a body that moves energetically and without pain or stiffness AND looks great takes work.

What is new; to understand how to stage your workout program. It doesn’t take skill to just pick up a weight and start moving it. But it does take skill to move it in such a way that it helps you  achieve your goal objective. And for that, you may need knowledge about how to move that weight properly. A dysfunctional movement pattern doesn’t move you closer to your goal. Keep this in mind when starting an exercise program.

Spring weather is around the corner on the East Coast. The birds are chirping at 5:15 am and the days are getting warmer (like this past weekend). You are feeling to get out and about and ready to start being active.

Shorts are out, leaves and buds are peeking out, flip flops are on…there’s a new beginning in the air; all at once at the same time. It is no wonder my inquiries for diet programs and workout sessions increase. The perfect butt, the perfect arms, shoulders, and a smaller midsection should be accomplished within 4 weeks. Doable? Yes, depending at which stage you are starting (250 lbs or 116 lbs).

If you are in shape, have been regularly working out throughout the winter months and need to change your program to reach warm-weather goals, here is a approach that does not only burn the greatest number of calories but the highest amount of fat overall. You can do this program in one 20-minute session by moving from one exercise to the next without rest. When you feel comfortable after the first round, complete a second or perhaps a third round. Use a jump rope and free weights. If you can’t jump rope, simply imitate the motion without the jump rope.

Spring workout

30 to 60 seconds jump rope (keep legs together)

Single arm lat rows 15 repetitions (Place both feet together. Lean forward to create a table position with your torso while placing one arm on the bench/chair. Pull up the opposite arm with the weight to your stomach and straighten again)

30 to 60 seconds jump rope (running motion)

Modified push-ups 15 repetitions (Hands and knees on the floor. Lower your chest towards the floor and push up again.)

30 to 60 seconds jump rope (skipping motion)

Squats 20 repetitions (Place your legs shoulder width apart. Cross the arms in front of your chest and activate your core. Lower your bottom towards the floor as if you were sitting down and stand up again). Keep the core activated throughout.

30 to 60 seconds jump rope (alternating two hops on right foot,  two on the left)

Overhead presses 15 repetitions (Kneel on the floor. Take weights in your hand and hold at shoulder level. Press the weights towards the ceiling. Avoid arching your back, Lower weights again and repeat)

30 to 60 seconds jump rope  (your choice)

Biceps curls 15 repetitions (Lock in elbows next to your body. Curl arms up until the weights are 5 inches from the shoulder. Lower slowly and repeat)

30 to 60 seconds jump rope (trying hopping side to side)

Single arm triceps extensions 15 repetitions (Position yourself with your right leg in front and your left leg behind you in a lunge.) Place your left hand on your knee to support your upper body. Straighten and bend your opposite arm behind you.)

30 to 60 seconds jump rope (go for it)

Plank holding position count to 15 (Place yourself into a holding push up position. Rock front and back)

30 to 60 seconds jump rope (keep it up)

Single leg bridge 15 repetitions (Lie on your back. Lift up one leg. Trust your hip towards the sky without arching your back. Keep the activation in your gluteus and hamstrings).
This is your spring workout out. Take is slow. Enjoy it. Build up to your levels where you feel comfortable. Yet, challenge yourself.

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