Cardio Kings and Queens- Is running enough?


 I had to use this wording. I couldn’t resist. Because this is really what it is.

This might be you. You are priding yourself on going running every single day. You love it. Yet, you meet me and you ask me how you can lose weight. That has happened so many times that I want to share with you the basics of what I explain to those individuals like you.

First, any kind of activity is important. Not just to burn calories but also to keep your systems in the best possible conditions. Those systems are your immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, skeletal system, muscular system, central nervous system and six more (we have 12 different systems in our body).

When your goal is quick weight loss you need more than just cardio vascular training. A build-up of lean muscle tissue is important as well. This can be done with your own body weight, with light resistance and high repetitions or high resistance and low repetitions. Each approach has a different outcome. And your training approach will vary depending on the “Body for Life” you’re striving for. Yet, the point is to do resistance training to build and maintain your lean muscle tissue.

Prevent long-term injuries. Unfortunately, when executing the same movement over and over again, you are creating wear and tear on your joints and ligaments. Hip pain, knee pain, and lower back pain are common issues among runners. There are more then just forward movements. Implement back movements, side movements and cross step movements. All those different movement patterns accomplish various muscle recruitment patterns, thus changing the wear and tear on your joints and ligaments. The slogan for you to take away is ”mix it to fix it”.

Eating whatever you want will not cut it either. Great, you are exercising. That doesn’t give you the excuse to eat whatever you want. In fact it’s even more important now to pay attention to what you are eating. Exercise uses your antioxidant, mineral and vitamin levels. Why? Exercise creates stress on your system and your antioxidant levels. Studies have shown that vitamin C, E, CQ10, Alpa Lipoic Acid and Glutathione are diminishing after intense levels of exercise. Proper food covers the basics. For prevention of diseases and anti-aging vitamin, mineral and sometimes enzyme supplementation will do the trick.

If you belong to the cardio Queens and Kings, implement changes in your program. Work on the bike with resistance. Use the incline on the treadmill. Run the hills in the park. Just change your program as mention above.

Stay focused.


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