742957_christmas_cookies742957_christmas_cookiesThanksgiving is the kick-off to the holidays.

That means 5 weeks of temptations and indulgence then frantic panic about the weight gained and stress about how to lose weight again.

742957_christmas_cookies742957_christmas_cookiesThis year, make it your holiday challenge to lose any leftover holiday weight gain from last year instead of adding more weight. Start by avoiding these holiday weight-gain pitfalls:
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maleweightlossName: Kevin M.

Age: 57

Lbs lost: 18 lbs since 09/12/2011 (8 weeks) (till 11/10/2011)

Body fat %: From 37.60% to 31.00 %

Waist circumference:
47.50 inches to 43.50 inches

Hip circumference: 46.00 inches to 43.50 inches

Kevin shares his secret tips that keep him going on his natural weight loss plan.

Here’s what helped him shed his first 18 lbs in just 8 weeks: Read More→

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questionblogSometimes, what gets reported as research can brain wash you. Here is a recent example:

The Journal of New England published a study that looked into why it is so hard to keep weight off. The New York Times picked it up and interviewed so-called “experts” regarding the findings of this article.

Weight loss is not hard – If you do it right

The study enrolled 50 overweight individuals who were placed on a 10-week weight loss plan with a very low energy diet. In fact, dieters were allowed only 500 to 550 calories per day.

How much food is that? Here is a sample menu: Read More→

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Abs in or Abs out?

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In or out?

“If I pull them in, I feel stable but I can’t maintain this activation. And when I pick up weights, should I maintain the activation throughout?”

Today, I’m hearing a lot of confusion regarding the proper use of abdominals, especially during resistance training.

Let’s analyze step by step what is right and what is not so right. Read More→

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20-lbs weight lossTo lose weight naturally, you don’t need to count calories. Instead, I recommend that you learn about foods that keep you fuller longer and discover foods that you can eat more of while still losing weight. This is my approach that I outline in my book, Alpine Weight Loss Secrets.

But if your goal is to lose the last 5, 10 or even 30 lbs by a certain date, then you need to change your approach and put mathematical science behind your efforts.

6 Steps to empowering definition – for Men and Women alike.

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wrongSuccess in a weight loss program leaves you with information that everyone can use.

First-hand, I see the strategies that work and those that are the biggest mistakes, whether you have to lose 10 lbs, 50 lbs or 100+ lbs.

Don’t reinvent what has proven to work. Just ask anyone who has lost weight and kept it off what s/he has done. Trust me, it is not the case that individuals get lucky and just hit upon the secret path for fat loss. Many have discovered it through trial and error.

The key is not just to focus on the strategies that DID work but also the strategies that DIDN’T work. I am going to share with you the top weight loss mistakes that may be holding you back from your goal: Read More→

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More Ways to Lose Weight With Friends

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women-with-plannerWhether it’s in the park or on the beach, eavesdrop on conversations among women in their late 40’s and you will hear how hard it is to lose weight and in particular, to fight the growing belly bulge.

Enough said. Enough talking. Find out if you are ready to change. For each question, rate your response between 1 and 5 (1 stands for very low, 2 for low, 3 for medium, 4 for high, and 5 for very high):

a. Are you motivated to change? Read More→

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sodaWhich is it, damn it?!

Diet soda is poisonous for your body.

Actually, diet soda can help you lose weight, since it has fewer calories.

Conflicting information like this is certainly not going to help you make informed food decisions. But aren’t so-called “diet” foods supposes to cut down your calories and help you lose weight?

Now studies are confirming that diet drinks can make you fat. Dr. Helen Hazuda, a professor of medicine at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, stated “diet soda might be free of calories but not free of consequences.”

The fact is that calories make you either gain weight or lose weight. Read More→

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You often hear that it is very difficult, hard, or undoable to have a strong, happy, vibrant body at any age.

But if you really listen to the person making this statement, you will hear disappointment, lack of commitment and know-it-all statements. As a weight loss coach, I hear something else: I hear that person saying, “How did this happen again?”

Commitment goes down, weight goes up, you go and throw in the towel. This is why, with my Natural Weight Loss Programs I don’t promote quick fixes (never will), but rather strategies that you can implement to conquer hunger, weight gain and a activity program that is beyond the gym.
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