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742957_christmas_cookies742957_christmas_cookiesThanksgiving is the kick-off to the holidays.

That means 5 weeks of temptations and indulgence then frantic panic about the weight gained and stress about how to lose weight again.

742957_christmas_cookies742957_christmas_cookiesThis year, make it your holiday challenge to lose any leftover holiday weight gain from last year instead of adding more weight. Start by avoiding these holiday weight-gain pitfalls:
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empty-plateWhat do you eat for lunch and energy? Definitely, light. All right, no light bulbs, obviously (I got this response on Twitter, you can follow me there as well.).

In the summer, we often feel sluggish and tiered during the day. Add on the extremes of temperature, smells and heat radiating from buildings and the disaster — a slow-down in function–is almost perfect. (Not in a good way!)

Therefore, lunch becomes a critical point. Can you take some needed energy into your system that doesn’t make you tired, drag you down or make you sleepy?

You might think about eating some lean protein. But here are the facts: Protein takes longer to digest than fruits. Fruits contain simple carbohydrates that contain vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Don’t mistake it with simple carbohydrates such as white sugar. Fruits are digested in the stomach for 30 minutes before they move into the duodenum. The breakdown of protein into amino acids takes longer as there are more chemical processes involved. In the duodenum, long chain polypeptides are reduced to short chain polypeptides, tripeptides, and dipeptidases. They are absorbed across the gut wall into the portal vein to transport the amino acids to the liver, the principal site of protein metabolism.

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