Smart Holiday Weight Loss Strategies


742957_christmas_cookies742957_christmas_cookiesThanksgiving is the kick-off to the holidays.

That means 5 weeks of temptations and indulgence then frantic panic about the weight gained and stress about how to lose weight again.

742957_christmas_cookies742957_christmas_cookiesThis year, make it your holiday challenge to lose any leftover holiday weight gain from last year instead of adding more weight. Start by avoiding these holiday weight-gain pitfalls:

Weight Loss Pitfall # 1: Gulp and stuff (Rush eating)

No time for anything. Not  for yourself, not for cooking, not for exercising, not for your family. You eat on the go., to keep up with your crowded schedule, filled with shopping expeditions, tasks on your to do list and party invitations.

Research shows that those who slow down during a meal eat less than those who gulp and stuff.

A study conducted at the University of Rhode Island confirmed that when eating quickly, women consumed 646 calories in approximately 9 minutes vs 579 calories in 29 minutes. Yes, that’s only  67 calories more. But add these calories together for one week you would eat approximately 1,407 calories more. Get it? Keep in mind that 1 lb. has 3500 calories.

Solution: Slow down and enjoy the flavor of your food; you’ll enjoy your meal on multiple levels. As a side benefit, your digestion is improved because thoroughly chewing your food allows it to be absorbed more easily on a cellular level.

Weight Loss Pitfall #2: Increased sugar

You say yes, you say no. This is the internal communication that you have going on when it comes to cookies, chocolate and sweet snacks.

Let’s face it, the holidays are here and so are the sweet treats. And have you found yourself in the situation when you can’t have something, the more you want it?

Sugar is tricky like that. You eat sugar and your insulin levels rise. Then the insulin levels drop and you are tired and lethargic. Of course you are looking to feel energetic again, so you reach for yet another sugary snack. A vicious cycle develops and you will find yourself constantly reaching for more to keep your energy up.

Here are 3 solutions to stay on your weight loss plan during the holidays:

1)    Drink first before you eat. Many times hunger is mistaken for thirst. Ordering a broth-based soup as an appetizer will help you. Instead of solid sweets, fool yourself with a liquid treat that can stimulate your taste buds as well. Try licorice or peppermint tea.

2)    Wait it out. Cravings give you the sensation that you have to have instantly, right now, a sweet treat. That’s emotional hunger talking. Turn around and walk away. Simply wait it out. Don’t reach before you think.

3)    Check your emotions. After a stressful day, all too common in today’s world, your whole being asks for a reward. Sure, instant rewards at holiday parties can provide an instant solution. But you still haven’t worked out why you are stressed in the first place. Aren’t there other solutions to calm your mind? Try taking a walk, doing some deep breathing, not answering the phone, text messages or , e-mails. Check in with yourself by taking 5 minutes “me time” before you reach for the goodies.

Weight Loss Pitfall #3: Not having a weight loss goal

Knowledge is power. It always has been that way. The problem is that we read extensively about a particular subject like weight (it’s hard to pick up a magazine or newspaper or watch TV without seeing something about this topic) yet we don’t know what strategy we should implement to get it done. Overweight health nuts are the best example of this syndrome. They know everything about health but still overeat and fail to accomplish a healthy bodyweight.

Solution: Come up with a detailed goal of what you would like to achieve during this holiday season. Would you like to lose 8 lbs, 5 % body fat or shrink your waist by 5 inches? Come up with 20 strategic steps you can take to implement the next 4 weeks and follow through.

For 5 more Power Practices, watch this video. Click here … (Link).

Stay focused.





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