Mental Detox

Eat what the earth provides you

Stefan Aschan believes that proper nutrition is the only way to support your ultimate goal of improved physical and mental performance, productivity, well-being and appearance.

In order to function at 100% of your mental and physical capabilities, you must eat what the earth has provided you. By that he means: eat as close as possible to the earth.

The goal is to eat food as it was meant to be, fresh and not altered. It’s really very simple: 1.) don’t eat food unless you can pronounce all of the ingredients on the label; 2.) eat food that comes to you directly from the ground, whose structure is not chemically altered. If most of the food you eat comes pre-packaged, re-stock your refrigerator!

Stefan’s approach is to let people eat [you HAVE to eat].as long as foods are non-processed, from the earth, and beneficial to their individual goals. Stefan will teach you why certain foods are more beneficial than others, and how certain ingredients can turn an otherwise drab entrée into a sophisticated meal that looks, smells, and tastes good.

Most importantly, he teaches this all in a simple and straightforward way: “Look, Learn, Do.”

Since most of us are not accustomed to eating in this way, we must get back to basics. Stefan has developed his signature Mental Detox™ Program.

He teaches individuals how to live for 14-days without damaging foods. He created a plan that includes only the most beneficial foods and liquids-a plan that revolves around three important categories: vegetables, carbohydrates, and proteins.

As always, Stefan is here to guide, inspire and motivate you. Stefan recommends that you rotate foods, so that you won’t be bored with meals or build up toxicity that causes allergic reactions, and will not to fall of the track again. All of the Look, Learn, Do Recipes that Stefan helps you to create are easy to prepare and delicious.

Best of all, they follow Stefan’s unique Mental Detox™ Program and are so easy to implement with his Austrian “Hudry Wusch” cooking technique.


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