Dieter’s Dilemma: Hardly Eat And Still Can’t Lose



“I don’t understand. I hardly eat anything, but still don’t lose weight”.

Or maybe you’ve said this:

“I have a slow metabolism”

If you found yourself saying this sentence, then you know deep down that you have a specific body type that needs a specific strategy to lose weight.
What you should consider is the study of “somatotypes” to help you to find answers. And I will provide you strategies what to do for your weight loss.

Body typing and strategies for losing fat success

William Hebert Sheldon, an American psychologist, shed light on different body types and their traits. His intention was to discover how body types were related to temperaments such as introversion and extroversion. As a part of this extensive research, Sheldon developed a classification system for body types known as somatotyping.

The three basic body types are:

Endomorphs, mesomorphs and ectomorphs.

Those three types are named after the three germ layers of embryonic development.

The cells that develop the digestive tract are called the endoderm.

Cells that develop the muscle, heart and blood vessels are the mesoderm.

And the nervous system and skin are formed by the ectoderm.

The name and function of the cells formed gives you already a clue what to expect. Here are the associated physical traits. Which one do you most indentify with?


• Endomorph: Typical traits of an endomorph include round structures, a wide waist, large bone structure and increased fat storage. Endomorphs are called fat and are predisposed to store fat.

• Mesomorph: A strong torso and wide shoulders as well as medium bones and a small waist are typical traits. Mesomorphs basically resemble the “Andonis (Statue of David)” because it is easy for them to build and maintain muscle and burn fat.

• Ectomorph: The lucky ones. You have seen and heard them talk: “No matter what I do and eat I can’t get fat”. Genetically gifted. They are characterized by long limbs, thin muscles and low fat storage. Ectomorphs are not predisposed to store fat and gain muscle.

In general, most individuals are mixtures of the three types. Ranking has been organized in a scale of 1 to 7. For example, if you are primarily a mesomorph, then you would be a 1-7-1; 1 on the scale of an endomorph, 7 on the scale of a mesomorph and 1 on the scale of a ectomorph.


Solutions that work for the fat-storing Endomorph


In my practice, I have encountered all three types and a equally diverse number of goal objectives.

If you are predominantly one type, it doesn’t mean you are going to stay this type.

An endomorph can change into a mesomorph as body composition changes. The more lean muscle tissue you have, the more fat you will burn and your metabolic basal rate increases as well. Then you will gain the extended calorie-burning benefits throughout the day after a strength training workout.

However, endomorphs have the hardest time losing fat and keeping it off.

Do you indentify yourself as an endomorph?

These weight loss strategies are for you:

Carbohydrates: Do not give up carbs. You need the fiber and the minerals. But do replace the starchy carbohydrates with fibrous carbohydrates.

Sugar: Sugar is a simple carbohydrate. Since sugar is considered today one of food groups, I will need to address it. Endomorphs are highly sensitive to insulin. Their metabolism can get easily out of whack because of processed sugars such as evaporated cane juice, high fructose corn syrups, white table sugar, brown sugar … and don’t get fooled by organic sugar. Sugar is sugar and it highly affects your insulin levels.

Protein: Mesomorphs need to be thoughtful about their insulin levels especially as it impacts fat storage. But protein is a different story: Protein doesn’t raise your insulin levels as much as carbohydrates do. You need to increase your protein intake for easier fat loss. Do eat proteins that are lower fat such as eggs, fish, chicken, and turkey. Your protein: carbs: fat ratio should be high: low: low.

Strength: Your basal metabolic rate is naturally low. Your goal is to raise it. Work out with resistance. This will build your lean muscle tissue and you will benefit by burning more calories after you work out.

Cardio: Burn the highest amount of calories? How? Train with the 3 energy systems by using strategic choices of low, medium and high intensity workouts throughout the week.

Workout Schedule: 6 times per week. Give yourself a one-day rest. It is not fair, I know. Some don’t have to lift a weight and have a naturally cut body. I do know them. Trust me, they deal with other issues – such as injuries and pain. So the grass is not always greener on the other side. You have to keep moving to eventually burn off the stored fat on your body.

Cheat days: Mesomorphs can get away with cheat days. During the weight loss phase of your program, you can’t. Ok, yes, not fair, this is the truth. I don’t BS you. But look at it this way, you will be able to change your body and you will be able to implement cheat days. Yet, in the beginning you CAN’T CHEAT.

Diet diet, diet?: You might be thinking that a diet alone will help you. Even if you know you can be perfect, that you track strategically when you eat, what you eat and how much you eat, keeping within your daily required calories with regard to your age, lifespan, gender, and weight. Still it will not be enough. You have to do cardio and weights. Otherwise you will get very quickly frustrated, not see results and give up once again.

Train hard: Push yourself. You can’t progress by just strolling on the treadmill every day and watching TV or reading the newspaper. You have to sweat to make it count.

Commit yourself: This is a lifetime commitment. Your body type does not respond to just one month of exercise and one month of rest. Rest and you will gain. Find activities that keep your interest engaged and keep you active most days.

These are some strategies that you can implement today.

Share this blog. I will write Part Two if 60 + readers share with their friends.

And now – stay focused – and make it a fantastic day.


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