The 17 Rules for Conquering “Fat Underwear”


“Fat underwear.” What???

This is a new term for 2012 and you’ll know it when you feel really fat, can’t breathe properly and your lower back hurts.

This is the time of the year where even the “hate to the gym” folks think about hitting the gym to get rid of their fat underwear.

Many are still hanging onto food from last year. To prove the point, try on pants that fit comfortably last October. (And please no stretchy fabric that accommodates those extra pounds!) How do they fit?

If you are not going to humiliate yourself in this way – or look in the mirror naked – consider these rules to conquer and prevent fat underwear.

1. Carry a piece of paper in your pocket, purse or briefcase with all your detailed fitness goals on it. Read it at least once a day; your chances of reaching all of your goals have dramatically improved.

2. Tackle your schedule to focus on what you can do vs. what you can’t do. If you focus on the things that you can’t do, this is what you will achieve. Refocus. What CAN you do?

3. Write a list: Why you want to never gain fat underwear. Give me the reasons and I am positive you will never gain any fat on your body that feels like a second layer of underwear.

4. Injuries are not excuses to stop exercising. The truth is you must adjust your calories. If you move less, eat less. And if you are still in pain due to your injury, you haven’t implemented the right solution to fix the cause of the injury. Address the injuries and move forward.

5. If you don’t have calories (the money to gain fat), you can’t buy fat underwear. How you buy a fat underwear is by overindulging in food . Do you know what your BMR is? It is the daily calories required that maintain a healthy body fat. I believe if you don’t know yours, you will buy fat underwear.

6. Don’t fall for gimmicks. You can’t lose 48 lbs in 48 hours. Not even food poisoning can do this for you.

7. If a workout is hard, then it is effective. If not ,you are relaxing. They key is that “hard” is different for everyone. And not every workout should be a highly intense workout. There are still low and medium intense workouts that are effective.

8. A successful approach to keep burning your fat is to have a love/hate relationship with your program: One that you hate before and love when you are done because you feel flipping fantastic.

9. Sweat does ruin your hairstyle. So don’t schedule your intense workouts the day after but rather on the same day you schedule your blow dry.

10. Fact: A high protein chocolate bar with blueberries for additional antioxidants is still a chocolate bar. Skip it.

11. A pancake is a cake. Why do you think it is called a pan”cake”? Yes, that is right, you are eating cake for breakfast if you eat pancakes.

12. Ups and down are normal in life. Get off processed sugar and see if you become more normal in life without bingeing trips to the fridge at night.

13. Read about enzymes and the role they play in fat metabolism and natural weight loss. Never heard about them? Pick up the book “Enzyme Nutrition” by Dr. Edward Howell and update yourself.

14. Honestly, what is up with the bacon?

15. Fried, baked or freeze dried fries are still fries. Stop reaching for them.

16. Setbacks are there to learn from. They are a learning tool like a food. Consistency is the road to success and setbacks can help you see where to adjust your efforts.

17. The booze. OMG, if you drink 2 glasses a day that is 280 calories. Multiply this by 7 and your liquid calorie intake will total 1.960 calories. 3500 calories is approximately 1 pound of fat. You can lose 2 lbs by cutting out the buzz for two weeks. Easy.

Success can be achieved by doing little things. And yes, you can change and take different actions toward a better body future.

Give yourself the right the change.

Listen to experts and not to your neighbor.

And stop coming up with excuses that keep you from taking a step forward.

Stay focused.

Stefan Aschan, M.Sc
Author of the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets

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