Cheat with these 5 Summer Weight Loss Foods (Results Guaranteed!)


Do you like ice cream?

How about a cocktail by the pool?

Or a burger straight from the grill?

Summer starts June 21 at 1:56 pm. The parties will start. Pools wait for you to dive in. Sun chairs scream for you to lounge on them. And cocktails drizzle down your throat.


Relaxing is good for the soul.

But what might be good for the soul is bad for your body.

I want you to do both—relax and achieve your goals this summer. So, here are my recommendations to help you keep the weight off, continue to lose weight and enjoy socializing with your friends.

Best Summer Weight Loss Food Category Frozen Dessert

Frozen desserts are a pleasure for the taste buds especially and when it is hot outside. Ice cream is not eaten as a main course hopefully. Rather it can be eaten between meals or as dessert. This can add additional calories to your required BMR. To help you to reduce your calories for weight loss and still enjoy frozen dessert here is my 1st place for your smart-frozen desert for weight loss:

3rd Place
Chocolate ice cream
100 g, 216 calories
½ cup, 143 calories

2nd Place
Chocolate frozen yogurt
100 g, 127 calories
½ cup, 110 calories

1st Place
Ciao Bella Passion Fruit Sorbet
100 g 95 calories
½ cup, 92 calories

Generally, sorbets have fewer calories. It is most likely just mashed up fruits and sweetened. If you must have frozen dessert for weight loss, this is the way to go.

Best Summer Weight Loss Food Category Steak

Grilling meat is a great change instead of baking, broiling or pan-frying. Less oil means fewer calories. And if you like your steaks in the summer over the grill here is your best choice:

3rd Place
Conventional Beef Burger (Plain)
100 g 254 calories

2nd Place
Bison Burger (Plain)
100 g, 197 calories

1st Place
Turkey Burger (Plain)
100 g, 143 calories


A simple switch but what different results it can have! Eat turkey burgers instead of beef burgers twice per week for four months and you can lose 1 lb. of fat in your body.

Best Summer Weight Loss Food Category Fruits

Summer is the high season for fruits. Enjoy them as they have high minerals, vitamins and enzyme content. If weight loss is your concern then you want to opt in for following:

3rd Place
American Grapes
100 g, 67 calories

2nd Place
100 g, 60 calories

A double 1st Place
100 g, 48 calories

100 g, 32 calories


For weight loss, the kind of fruits you eat does make a difference. Apricots are a clever winner if you are sick and tired of Strawberries that are the star in the fruit department for weight loss. The Glycemic Index (GI) confirms these findings. Strawberries have a GI of 40 and a GL (Glycemic Load) of 1. Apricots have a low GI of 34 and a Glycemic Load of 3, which makes it an ideal fruit for summer weight loss.

(The GI measures the rise of the blood sugar after consuming a particular food item, based on the portion size as well as the carbohydrate content of the food.)

Best Summer Weight Loss Food Category Yogurt Snacks

The hot sun can make you hungry, even though you’re just reading a book under the sun umbrella. Here are some cooling and filling protein snacks:

3rd Place
Total, Greek yogurt, Face
100 g, 115 calories

Two 2nd Places
Yogurt, plain, whole milk
100 g, 61 calories

o% Greek yogurt
100 g, 58 calories

1st Place
Non-fat yogurt
100 g, 47 calories


Here is a summer weight loss recipe for you. Take some non-fat plain yogurt and stir in sliced fresh in season strawberries or apricots – a delicious weight loss summer snack.

Best Summer Weight Loss Food Category Alcoholic Drinks

Drinks go all down so easily, especially when it is hot outside. But the calories add up when you drink alcohol. Keep in mind that 1g of alcohol has 7 calories instead of 4 calories for protein and carbohydrates. Enjoy the summer with out blowing your weight loss while enjoying some alcohol:

3rd Place
Long Island Ice Tea
1 serving, 507 calories

2nd Place
1 serving, 283 calories

1st Place
5-ounce glass, 100 calories

Diets and alcohol don’t mix. Remember as a general rule that hard liquor is higher in calories per ounce than wine. So if you need to drink at social settings during your weight loss program I recommend you stick with wine or white wine spritzer.

Stay focused.


Europe’s Premier Youngevity Coach

AFFA, ACE, Reebok University

Masters in Science in Holistic Nutrition

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