How to know when enough calories are enough?


In a weight loss program calories are important. But a calorie is not a calorie. For example, let’s compare calories from white bread vs. oatmeal, both of which are starchy carbohydrates and contain 4 calories per gram respectively.

However, when you eat white bread, which is stripped of its nutrients such as fiber, minerals and vitamins, you are not taking in essential ingredients that help your body run its metabolic system efficiently.  Conversely, quality calories, from foods like oatmeal, that are not processed, and are not taxing to your system, help you to maintain your metabolism and to then lose excess weight. 

What prompted me to share an e-mail with you today was a question I recently received in my mailbox from Vikki, who has lost 20 pounds since starting the program January 2010.

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Vikki wrote:

“Hi Stefan,

As if this is a “real” problem…

The last few days I have not been able to eat 1,200 calories a day.  I’m more around 1,000 or less.  I am using an online logging system ( to keep myself accountable (it’s actually pretty good).  It “tells” me that I am not eating enough calories for a good weight loss.

Is this true?  If I’m not hungry, I’m not hungry.  I am not going to force myself to eat those last 200-300 calories — or should I?

Also, the days I exercise, it is telling me I have that many more calories to eat.  But I don’t follow that, and stick to the 1,200 calories. 

Your thoughts?”

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I believe strongly in listening to your body while you are going through a weight loss program. When your objective is to lose weight, and you are starting from a point that is higher than 35% body fat, you have excess energy stored in your body, otherwise known as fat tissue.

In a natural environment, where there are no diners, restaurants, food delivery services, frozen foods or foods that last for years in cans, food was not always abundant and so readily available. Some days there was more food available and some days there was less.

In a weight loss program, this “natural stone age” occurrence can help you in your weight loss program and it is referred to as the “Zick Zack” approach. For example, if your “personal BMR” (every individuals BMR is different depending on age, height, pounds and activity) is 1.200 per day and you have days when you eat less and you are not hungry, then don’t eat. After all, unlike body builders who have to maintain their body mass, your goal is not gain weight but to lose it.

When you are on a program such as The Austrian Advantage program that teaches you the most beneficial foods to eat, and you eat less than your BMR, you will get in great shape, as your body receives the nutrients required for your metabolism to function efficiently.

Problems arise when you eat foods that are taxing to your system and don’t feed you on a cellular level. Your cells then do not receive the energy that they require and so your body will then demand even more energy – more food!

Stay focused and remember, “You CAN do it”.


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