Monster Energy (for fat loss)


woman-runningcStamina that lasts all day and all night.

Doing all the things that you want to do and not getting tired.

Would this be a dream or a nightmare?

Maybe both. The dream is boundless energy all day and all night that keeps us alive; the nightmare is most common in the realm of physical performance. It’s a nightmare that many experience when starting a workout program or by competitive athletes who like to out-perform their competitors, yet are not equipped to do so.

Energy production in the cell

Let’s keep it simple. Your muscle contracts when your brain gives the muscle a  command to do so. The energy to execute this contraction comes from adenosine triphosphate or ATP. It is the body’s energy on a cellular level.

Without ATP, no activation would take place in your muscle system. Some ATP is stored in the muscles, but only a limited amount. Hence, muscle cells must produce more ATP, to continue working  as the  ATP gets depleted.

Muscle cells replenish ATP using three biochemical pathways: the aerobic system, anaerobic glycolysis and the creatine phosphate system.

Oxygen is the key to long-lasting monster energy

Aerobic means “with oxygen”. The muscle receives adequate energy when it is at rest. Also our heart, brain and other organs work this way:  aerobic. Without oxygen, the results are catastrophic in certain muscles and organs:   stroke (brain), ischemia, or  myocardial infarction (heart) . We have to do little maintain this energy system for us to maintain our life functions.

Walking or running at a low or medium intensity taps this energy system. In fact, the efficiency—the ability to supply energy and oxygen to working cells—of this energy system is improved by working out at the same low intensity levels during the chosen activity level.

Marathon runners or bikers are the best example of this system. ATP recovery is very high in this system.

Explosive monster energy generated without oxygen

Anaerobic means without oxygen. The anaerobic glycolysis and the creatine phosphate system are the primary sources of ATP when inadequate supply of oxygen is available.

This system is used for high intensity movements. Explosive moves and activities of short duration, such as a sprint, or plyometrics training, are good examples. A muscles needs to rest between 5 – 7 minutes to fully recover its ATP in order to repeat the exercise without the build up of lactic acid.

Energy drinks do not give you any competitive advantage. They raise your blood sugar levels and 20 – 30 minutes later, they crush them. If energy drinks are not full of sugar then they are pumped up with caffeine, which overstimulates your adrenal glands to release cortisone and cortisol into your bloodstream. Same as the fight or flight response.

The glycolytic pathway is used by  wrestlers, for example, or during a workout program that gives you little rest such as circuit training.

Monster energy for fat loss

For weight loss and fat loss, it is best to train all three systems.

Not every workout can be a high-intensity workout. Rather, it should be split into high- , medium- and low-intensity workouts. For instance, I recommend  performing on Monday, a high-intensity program, Wednesday, a low-intensity program and on Friday, a medium-intensity program. Really, keep it simple.

This will help you not only burn the highest amounts of fat calories but will also keep it interesting and prevent boredom.

If you have tried to lose body weight and fat and have been eating optimum nutrition and tracking your required calories, yet don’t see the results that you are looking for, change your approach.

Train all your energy systems.

Stay focused,


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