Announcing My New Book: Alpine Weight Loss Secrets


awls_cover-blogI couldn’t be more thrilled.

I am finally announcing the release of my upcoming book,  Alpine Weight Loss Secrets – The Natural Way to Look 5, 10, Even 20 Years Younger.

If you want an effective guide that has been proven effective for natural weight loss and age loss, this is it.

Each chapter reveals secrets, strategies, information and exercises that you can do with minimal effort to get maximum results. You don’t need high-tech gadgets, gyms or any expensive yet enticing super foods.

Injured? Not a problem.

I give you strategies on how to reverse them with natural approaches and my AAE secret. No, there won’t be any injections, medication, or surgeries required. Yet, your results will be outstanding and wildly successful, as proven with my clients, who have undergone  meniscus operations on both knees and who are today  active and 100% pain free now.

This book is not a conventional diet and fitness book.

Rather, it is a book that reveals the secrets that have been used in for centuries in Alpine villages. And not just any village—the one in which I was raised! In the country that has been called the Alpine Power House. Austria is where individuals in their 50’s, 60’s and 70,s move and look as if they are in their late 30’s. What is it that they eat, drink and do?

Also I can tell you that their number-one secret to flatten your stomach is …

I will reveal secrets such as these in the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets.

For more inspiration, read what I have to say on  the back cover:

This book is not for bodybuilders or gym rats. Rather it is the first of its kind, how-to guide for a fresh-air lifestyle. The rewards? A youthful, stronger, and trimmer body at any age, using strategies that have been used for centuries.

Stefan reveals proven techniques based on Alpine traditions, scientific holistic information, and his 17 years-plus experience in the personal training arena, to help you “to get it done” whether it is to lose weight, get trim, get stronger, or look years younger naturally.

As “Living” contributor to the Huffington Post, the CW-11 Morning Show, and the health page of ABC News Now, Stefan is uniquely qualified to guide your weight loss program. This book comes with guaranteed results that have helped people all over Europe and the United States. Now it is your turn!

Find out about:

2-day Flat Belly schnell (fast) Program – The natural approach to jump-start and see results within 2 days.

The Mountain Program – Burn the highest amount of fat calories overall with minimal effort (and see maximal improvement!).

Photosynthesis and its trapped light in foods – How it rejuvenates your cells and helps your skin and body to look youthful and trim.

• Fresh Air Foods – Eat metabolism-boosting foods to speed up your energy production. Learn about enzymes and their effect on your metabolism.

• Hormonal fatigue – Find out how simple carbs affect your hormones and speed aging (and wrinkle your skin). Discover the easy steps to reverse this process.

• Instant anti-ager – 3 ways change old posture into a young-looking stance in 10 minutes or less.

What do people have to say about my book and my approach? Read on…..

“An appreciation of health and the beauty of nature is instilled in Austrian people beginning in childhood.  Having traveled throughout this spectacular region of Europe extensively, I can assure you as a physician that following The Austrian Weight-Loss Secrets will change your vitality and physique in multiple ways.  Stefan Aschan, one of New York City’s most respected personal trainers, has a creative, astute and highly entertaining approach to diet and exercise.  Follow his advice carefully and the results will be wunderbar.”

Stuart Fischer, MD, Author of The Park Avenue Diet

“Several years ago, Stefan Aschan was transplanted from an Alpine village to metropolitan New York.  Once he recovered from culture shock, he noticed the plethora of obese people in the big city. As a result, he wrote Alpine Weight Loss Secrets in an attempt to coach his new countrymen and countrywomen to adopt sensible eating habits, substituting “quality calories” for “empty calories.” The result is a collection of practical suggestions for weight loss that makes sense,  guarantees delightful reading, and may save the life of some readers along the way.”

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Saybrook University.

What mistakes will you need to avoid every day to naturally lose the last 5-10 lbs, flatten your stomach, move like a 30 year old, whether you’re in your 50’s, 60’s or 70’s, Plus, look 10 years younger?

This is exactly what the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets will deliver.

Now I have something special for you:

If you like to receive your FREE RESTORATION KIT and announcement for the upcoming book then click this link.

Also you can learn about and be inspire by Margarita’s story My Life, My Body, My Age –how she lost 50+ lbs and become a new person. Click here!

Let the excitement begin:

I have never worked harder on anything than this book.

Many times, I thought I would throw in the towel and just give up. What stopped me: Clients just dropped weight naturally, easily and without effort. And that  kept me going. Finally, after 4 years, I completed this book.

Share Margarita’s story! If this book is interesting to you and you know that you have someone in mind that will benefit like Margarita share this video with her. Tweet, Facebook it, share it on Stumblon or your choice of network site.

The “Alpine Weight Loss Secrets” will be available soon on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and other online retailers.

Media Opportunities:

I love you and you love me.

I have made a handful of media commitments on this upcoming book. Shape Magazine Germany will bring a 6-page spread this coming February or March (2011). But get in before the real fun begins. Do you have a show, a blog, a column, a list, a network or fans or audience? Would you like to do post an expert, an interview or an Q&A? I have so many videos, testimonials, stories and case studies to share about clients who have achieved astonishing results. Just click here and let me know.



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