Can You Commit?


Client one can’t stop eating. Client two can’t say no to work. Client three prefers to go home and relax after work.

In our never-ending work environment, equipped with Blackberry, SMS and cell phones (all of which have made this possible) we are always reachable, ready to pick up the phone, and ready to drop what we’re doing in one second and move to the next task. Surely you have seen it at work: Someone picks up the phone, hangs up, curses and moves to another new task instead of staying focused on the previous task.

The diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder is suddenly on the rise. Are you someone who routinely starts one conversation, changes to the next without finishing the first, or starts to read a book/article and flips to the next article after 3 seconds? Busted! Surfing channels is yet another example. Who hasn’t watched two shows at once at the same time?

Welcome into the technology era. It sounds so advanced, but is it, really?  Our attention spans are getting shorter. Everything is instant. Instant breakfast. Instant body changes through lipo- suction, instant weight loss through diet pills, or instant get-rich scams that promise you wealth. This instant overload can distract us from focusing on your true goals.

Growing up in an alpine environment  as I did meant stopping to smell the roses. And to stop and have a conversation. Or to stop work when it was time to stop. Learning to stop and say no when you had enough. Saying stop when your belly was full even if more food was offered.

Saying “stop” is easy for some; harder for others.

STOP NOW. Look at your commitments. This can be your financial commitments, your relationship commitment or your weight loss commitment. How serious are you about them? Or has life distracted you from them?  Think about it.

Any state of commitment is bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action. You are engaged in the process to achieve a goal. Many times through trial and error. Mistakes happen. Do you give up? Do you keep hammering away?

Success is commitment to your goal. Any goal. Yes, you can achieve any goal. Your weight loss goal, your financial goal, your better nutrition goal, your more time for yourself goal.

To give in is not an option. I won’t accept it and I won’t allow it. If I can relocate to a different country (Austria to the US), one with a different language, habits and social behavior and make it work, so you, too, can commit to your goal and make it happen. Bragging is not what I am into. That is not the goal of this newsletter. Rather, the goal is for you to stop and take a new look at your commitments. To focus in on them. To stop being distracted by life and tune into your goals. Then do the following:

  • Restate your commitments.


  • Say them out.


  • Write them down.


  • ·Share them.

Let me be your helper. There is a fantastic site that helps you to commit. Check out

Create a profile. Commit to your goal for a specific period. You can even choose to pay money if you fail to archive your commitment (Great motivational tool). When you sign up add me as your commitment buddy. Just look for “Strength123” or enter my e-mail,

And as always….

Stay focused.


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