Why are you gaining weight again?


Remember January when the motivation to lose weight was high? It is clear that you could succeed as you lost the first 10 to 15 lbs. Then you get comfortable and you start gaining slowly all back. Frustrating isn’t it? And the stats prove this phenomenon relapse and weight gain. Just consider:

80 percent of all individuals who lose weight gained the pounds lost and even a little more within 3 to 5 years, according to a study from Oxford University published in the International Journal of Obesity.

It might be as high as 95 percent according to research by the National Weigh Control Registry.

And if you compare this number to the relapse rate for drug, alcohol and tobacco dependency, the numbers have been reported in the range of 50 to 90 percent.

Clearly, we don’t have a weight gain and loss issue but rather a “stick-to-it-tiveness” issue. A new body cannot just be bought. It takes work, time and commitment. Here are your top 6 factors to increase your commitment to lose weight and keep it off:

Goal: Have a goal. Write it down. Post it somewhere as a reminder. Pursue it until you have accomplished it. When you have met your goal, adjust your sights to a new goal to keep you going. Yes, weight loss might be one goal but to stay active in no matter what your age might be another. Think never-ending improvements.

Accountability: Exercise can be really boring. You need to build in some accountability to your program. Hire a trainer (show up or pay!) to help you vary your program; to help keep you focused or even to check in every four weeks for your check up and measurements. Don’t cancel these appointments.

Cheating: Feel like skipping a workout? Make yourself do at least 10 to 15 minutes. Even stretches. Most likely you will continue once you have started. And remember something is better then nothing.

Challenge: Yes, the best progress is made when your program is challenging. Yet, not every program has to be that way. Many times individuals start too fast, too hard and/or too soon. Give yourself some leeway to build up to higher intensity levels.

Lifestyle: One of the biggest differences between the US and Europe is that individuals in Europe see activity as a lifestyle. Going for a walk, going hiking, skiing, ice-skating or snowboarding is something that is just done without thinking about working out. Activity becomes a way to enjoy spending time outside and relaxing. If you hate to go to the gym, find the outdoor activity that you like to do. (However, strength training needs to be implemented indoors, whether you do it at home or at a gym.

Disappointment: In every disappointment there is a lesson to be learned. Manage your disappointment. You might have gained one or two lbs. Admit it and look into why it happened. What have you not done? Back on track and stay focused.

Support: Get on a program that gives you regular support. And this can be even just with newsletters that keep you motivated and on track. www.theaustrianadvantage.com will be a great solution to get started, to do something different but as well receive the support and motivation to keep going.

Stay focused!


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