Now Available: The European Anti-Aging Secret


Dr. Nicholas Perricone, M.D, and Lester Packer, Ph.D. Director of the Packer Lab, University of California at Berkeley, discovered and researched this amazing ingredient. And even before that it was available for many treatments in the US, it was very successful in Europe.

Are you interested yet? Here’s more: The ingredient proved effective in treating wrinkles, slowing down aging process on a cellular level, reversing cataracts (a cloudy or opaque covering that grows over the lens of the eye), preventing stroke, preventing heart disease, controlling diabetes, enhancing memory and even curing incurable mushroom poisonings! The treatment, or should I say ingredient, is Lipoic Acid.

What is Lipoic Acid and what does it do?

Before I launch into what Lipoic Acid is, (and what it does for you), you should understand what free radicals are and what they do in your body.

Free radicals are created through biological oxidation (energy production), in which one oxygen molecule moves to the next. Sometimes in this process, one electron escapes. This unpaired  electron  (they exist in pairs) is called a free radical. Free radicals are in your body everywhere and are kept in balance through antioxidants.

If those radicals are not trapped or neutralized by an antioxidant, they can cause damage to cells that create premature aging, diseases such as heart diseases and stroke. Antioxidants such as Lipoic Acid trap this free electron and weaken its damaging effects, protecting cells from cell damage. The free radicals fast- forward the aging process and if you are concerned about slowing down your aging process, this is one part of the puzzle to know about.

Lipoic Acid is synthesized by the body and is present in small amounts in potatoes, spinach and red meat. For most of us, eating this ingredient is not enough. So, supplementation would do the trick.

A bonus: This supplement is incredibly versatile. Here’s why: Each cell has a  fatty barrier in its membrane, (which prevents the water- soluble components outside from mixing with the water-soluble components inside). Lipoic acid is able to enter both the fatty and the water portion of the cell to protect the cell from potentially damaging free radicals

In addition, it can recycle other antioxidants. Lipoic acid is the only ingredient that can recycle other antioxidants to restore their original (noncharged) form. The bonus is that by taking lipoic acid, you can simply increase the other antioxidants in your body.

Energy production cannot exist without this pathway. Lipoic acid helps to break down sugar for ATP production, which feeds cells with fuel. Without ATP, we wouldn’t be able to move because of no energy would be produced to complete the job. Think of ATP as the wood for the fire to keep you alive. If you don’t feed the fire, you will die off.

Lipoic acid can restore itself, which no other antioxidant can do. It’s the  only antioxidant that has this feature.

Back home in Europe, we used it to prevent diabetes. Little did I know that it would take some years for it to be “discovered” in the US.  After extensive researched, one benefit after the other was discovered. If you would like to read about it in detail, pick up the book “The Antioxidant Miracle” by Lester Packer , PH.D.

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Happy New Year.


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