Announcing A Contest for Insane Motivational Weight Loss


Sometimes, we all need a kick in the butt to get things done. In my 15-plus years working with individuals on body shaping and weight loss, I have heard amazing things that individuals do when gaining weight.  But also have I seen amazing results when strategies were implemented and followed.

The past week was one of those weeks where clients had to be forced into taking measurements. Alright, yes, I know, I am terrible because I require taking measurements every 4 weeks.

The two measurements that I take: 1) Skinfold measurements to determine the body fat percentage and 2) circumference measurements with a tape measure. The skin- fold measurements give me an indication of your stored subcutaneous fat, which is right below the skin; the circumference measurements give me an indication of your stored inner organ fat but also your gain(s) in muscle or loss of inches, when compared to the body fat percentage. And, of course, there’s my favorite:  my personal sharp eye. If I say, “you look thinner” or “you look like you’ve lost weight,” I am 100% correct!

Why are measurements important? Because as a trainer and weight loss coach, I want to know if you  (the client) are implementing the discussed strategies to diet and exercise programs. And there are only two outcomes: 1) either it was implemented and the measurements are showing it, or 2) the strategies were not implemented and the measurements are showing it. Either way, measurements do not lie!

Last week, three clients refused to take measurements. It took almost a 100,000-pound truck to get them into the room to take measurements. Stubborn as I can be, I insisted for the right reasons.

And the outcome: One person accomplished (!) an all-time record weight gain in a very short period. The second person achieved an all-time high personal weight. And the third reached a peak in a long-term yo-yo pattern of weight loss and weight gain.

Believe me, strategies to implement changes were discussed. However, execution is another situation. So, here is a motivational contest that I am opening up for everyone on my list.

Announcing: Your Weight Loss Contest till January 15th 2010!

Participate and win 2 FREE training sessions if you are the winner of this contest.

How can you participate? Ask to take measurements this coming week. If you are currently not a client of mine, please feel free to contact me to take your measurements for free.

Then you have 30 days till we take the measurements again to gauge your results. The person with the highest body fat percentage loss and overall weight loss will win 2 FREE personal training sessions.

Get motivated and get the work done to accomplish your goals.

I am looking forward hearing from or seeing you this week.

Stay focused and implement.


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