Breakfast (post-holidays) for weight loss


Once again, Thanksgiving was a feast. Each year, over a hundred thousand Americans overeat during the holiday time. The next day, food is the last thing that many think about. But then there are the leftovers. How about a little pie for breakfast? It is too good to go to waste. And the feast continues.

Weight loss is on many on our minds during this time. But the call to the dinner table wins out over the call to the gym. There we have a dilemma: Too stuffed to workout. Leftovers linger for days. And relaxation and catching up with friends and family is priority number one.

What to do? Start small. Make an effort to start with a meal that is beneficial for your weight loss program again. Start with breakfast the morning after.

A fantastic breakfast for weight loss contains protein, fiber, fats, vitamins, minerals and taste. Breakfast is one of my most looked- forward-to meals, being from Austria, Vienna.  Still to this day, if it doesn’t taste good, I stay away from it. So a healthy breakfast that is beneficial for weight loss needs to taste good. And no, not eating and drinking doesn’t count as a good breakfast.

My Recipe for a weight loss breakfast:

To include all the ingredients mentioned before, I’d like to share with you a breakfast that will help jump-start your weight loss program. Here are your ingredients:

  • · Protein–needed for maintaining lean muscle tissue–therefore we use four large tablespoons of yogurt.


  • · Fat, which we need to feed our brown fat tissue (which burns the white fat tissue). One teaspoon of ground flaxseed will do.


  • · Fiber, soluble and insoluble, has 0 calories and helps to maintain your glucose in your blood and speeds up digestion. A good choice:  3 tablespoons of rolled oats will do.


  • · For taste, minerals and vitamins, one banana and about seven blackberries will do the job.

First place the yogurt in a large bowl. Then sprinkle the ground flaxseed and rolled oats over it. Add the sliced banana and blackberries to it. Mix all together and enjoy.

Muesli (ever heard of it? Its all-raw ingredients!!) is very similar to this weight loss version breakfast. This is just a sample of a weight loss breakfast. There are many others that you can discover and enjoy.

Begin with one meal. Breakfast starts and sets you up for the day. Let the other meals follow.

Stay focused.


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