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A warning: Don’t eat at your desk with the food that I am about to write about. Why? Because while I typed this blog, several bits of that food wedged themselves between several keys of my keyboard, jamming the whole thing and bringing my typing to a standstill. Thirty minutes later, I succeeded in getting them out. Thank God. What food does something like this? Why was I eating it in the first place?

I was inspired to eat this food by “The Food Emporium’s”  current campaign, “The Taste of Nature – Austria,” which is currently running at the stores from June 19th to July 2nd, 2009.

I am thrilled to share another food item with you that I grow up with, of course one I hated at the time, and now have happily rediscovered. What is it?

Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil.

What? This comes from Austria? Isn’t it in fact a native American food from our pumpkins at Halloween? Yes, yes, but listen to this.

Pumpkin seed oil has been used for centuries in old monasteries in the Austrian Alps. Generations ago, the priests discovered the many health benefits of this oil, which is now being reevaluated in the scientific world.

Studies have shown that pumpkin seed oil contains more than 60 to 90 percent of unsaturated fatty acids, It possesses very high levels of antioxidants and polyunsaturated fats, including fatty acids such as palmitic, stearic, linoleic and oleic acids. As if that weren’t enough, it also contains vitamins and minerals such as A, B1,B2, B6, C, D, E and K.

This oil is a liver detoxifier, skin rejuvenator and is an important overall tonic because of its B vitamin content. In addition, it feeds the brown adipose tissue, which burns our stored white fat tissue around our organs.

Besides all the benefits for our system to keep us younger, more energetic and trimmer even as we age, it adds a new flavor to our palate. Ok, as I admitted, as children, my father made us eat it with salad, and because of its unusual, nutty, intense flavor, I didn’t like it. But thank god we change–and so can you–and try something new.

Use pumpkin seed oil instead of extra virgin olive oil. Yes, keep your dressing interesting to help you stay with your commitment to making your body your business.

And what got stuck between my keys on my keyboard? Yes, two damn pumpkin seeds as I snacked on them, losing myself in childhood memories. Stock up on them and eat them instead of almonds or sunflower seeds.

Here’s my point: Don’t get stuck doing the same thing over and over again. Keep it interesting, exciting and flavorful. Mix things up with pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin seeds—they should not be missed in your diet.



P.S.: In celebration of the “The Taste of Nature – Austria” campaign, I will also offer you a special Austrian discount. Use the code “ AT WEEK” and you will receive access to the www.TheAustrianAdvantage.com for a 30 percent discount.

P.P.S.: This discount will be in effect during the campaign dates from The Food Emporium; June 19th till July 2nd, 2009.

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Here is my pumpkin story :
My mother received a huge pumpkin from an aunt. It must have weighed 20 -30 lbs. This was in the early 50ies when people did not waste anything. So we ate pumpkin jam for breakfast, pumpkin soup for lunch and pumpkin vegetables as a side dish for dinner. She preserved some too. (In glass jars).
All I remember we ate pumpkin for a week. … After that I did not eat pumpkin until I came to America and wanted to try Pumpkin Pie. That reintroduced me to pumpkin in a tasty way….
I will try the oil for cooking.
Thanks for the article, Have a great day,


Really exciting news about pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil. Could you post links to the studies you mentioned, or citations to the journals they appeared in? Thanks!


Hey, have you seen this news article?
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I was wondering if you were going to blog about this…


Hi, I will do as soon the autopsy is confirmed. Thanks for your message Michael. Stefan


Please go to google.at and search “kürbiskernöl.” You will find plenty of studies and several books exploring the benefits of “kuerbiskernoel.” Stefan

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