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Which berry should I pick today? How about this tomato? Or perhaps this pepper? Nah, that cucumber looks much riper. Back home in my little village in Austria, these were the questions we asked when heading back to the garden to pick out something for a meal.

Flash-forward to the USA: Summer is around the corner and fresh-grown and -picked fruit and vegetables are readily available from your local farmer—so you don’t need to head back to your garden. If you have been reading my newsletter, you know that I am a big supporter of fresh, organic, seasonal and local foods.

Although Michelle Obama has a huge plot for a vegetable garden, not all of us have the time, place or space to have a vegetable garden. If you are in this situation, I have the simple solution for you: “Community Shared Agriculture.”

The concept is easy. You buy a share of the seasonal harvest from a participating farm, which delivers it to a pick-up location near you. Go to Local Harvest, enter your zip code and find a participating farm near you.

There is one farm that I recently discovered which delivers to you. Someone figured out to piggyback produce with the milk deliveryman. So, this farm delivers right to your home. Check it out and please check the areas that this farm serves. www.myfarmshare.com.

Now is the time to sign up for the community shared agriculture program. In two weeks, it may be too late as the amount of shares are limited on the farms. (But ask to be put on the waiting list for later in the season or next year; or, ask if there are half shares available. You can still get in on the bounty

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