Losing 2 lbs per week? How about 10lbs!


When pounds are lost, the tears start rolling, and emotions skyrocket across the entire nation. Helen Philips did it this time by earning the title, “The Biggest Loser,” when she went from 257 lbs to 117 lbs; a weight loss of 140 lbs and a 54.47 percent weight loss in about 179 days.

How is that possible when you hear always that 2 pounds per week is the maximum amount of fat you should safely lose? Is it safe to lose more then 10 lbs week? What are the responsible factors? These are the questions that clients constantly ask me.

The 2 lbs per week is an average rule. But the truth is, weight loss depends on many factors. For example, the more body fat you carry, the more you can lose. 1-2 lbs works out to be about  1%, so if a person weighed 300 lbs, that would be 3 lbs per week; much less than you have seen on national television.

When we talk about weight loss, body compensation  is the most important factor. When losing weight–through diet, exercise or both–you do want to know how your program is responding. The body compensation will give you this answer as you analyze how much fat you have lost. Weight loss can also occur from water loss in body tissues (less sodium/salt intake) and hormonal changes. Of course, weight loss can occur due to a decrease in  lean muscle tissue because of drastic dieting. The latter is not something that you want, as you need your lean muscle tissue to burn calories and create a toned and in- shape physique.

So how do you lose then more then 2 lbs per week? That is simple: Increase the calorie deficit. For example, if you have a calculated BMR (one that takes into account your current activity level) of about 1800 calories, and you would like to lose another 10 lbs, you have the choice of two strategies: Reduce your calories taken in through food or increase your activity level to increase the calories burned.

Another consideration is to change your dietary proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats from 50-30-20 to 40-40-20. This is a simple rule as the current life cycle and activity level will play a role in the determination of this ratio. It is really not hocus pocus, but rather simple math.

Calculate your current BMR and reduce it either 20 to 30 percent (or simply subtract 500 calories) to achieve weight loss. This is a safe formula for weight loss. Is it possible to do achieve faster results? Yes, of course, but do you have to have the determination, stick-to-itiveness and push to get to the next level of physical activity and calorie restrictions? The choice is yours.

Make your body your business.


P.s. Stay tuned for the launch of the “Easy And Simple Weight Loss System”.
P.S.: Read about what a client has to say about his recent experience:

“ It is my pleasure to thank and recommend Mr. Stefan Aschan, with whom I trained for about four months, and who helped me within this short time regain control over my body and feel better, stronger, and more energetic than I had felt for many years, perhaps decades.
I am a seventy four year old scholar affiliated with a major American University, and for many years I had spent most of my time either teaching or sitting, slumped, in front of a computer screen, writing. When I came to Mr. Aschan in January 2009, I was overweight, heavy, constantly fatigued, low on libido, and suffering from various aches and pains. I also experienced a spike in my blood pressure level (140/90). By April 2009 I had shed 20 pounds, overcome most of my chronic pains (I also had a meniscus operation), and felt stronger and had more stamina
I did not know I still had in me to be as sexually active as I had been in my early fifties, and with blood pressure level of 110/70. Mr. Aschan was responsible for this delightful “resurrection;” he, and of course, my own hard work and conscientious dieting done under his guidance and with his support. He took me where I was and then, preparing for me via meticulously thought-out and personally tailored exercise and diet programs, he egged me on. Each session with him – an hour tightly packed with ever more challenging exercises; not a minute was lost – had palpable results.
Each of these sessions was a remarkable physical and mental experience, and a basis for improved “homework.” I cannot think of a more professional, conscientious, friendly, and helpful training than the one I received from Stefan Aschan, and I highly recommend him to whomever wishes to regain control over his or her body and improve the quality of his or her daily existence.”  

Dan Miron, 74, New York



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