The # 1 strategy to get summer lean


The truth is out. Most people don’t succeed.

Last week’s blog entry was a bee sting to some of you. I mean, it hurt.

Unfortunately, for some it hurt so much to face facts. They didn’t like to be reminded that they needed to take care of their body. They discontinued their subscription.

I tell it like it is without the honey and sugar: My newsletters are all about motivation, advice, strategy, education and thorough, provocative information to help you in your quest for weight loss, youngevity, and longevity.

So, down to business again. Spring and summer are just around the corner. And soon the urge to trim and shape will be on the forefront; just when the winter coats are gone.

What is your # 1 strategy to get lean for the summer?

Many people would say more aerobic exercise. Running, jogging, and spinning classes to shape up.

Have you noticed runners who look as if they are in severe pain as they run down the road?

If your body isn’t balanced, repetitive movements such as running, biking or other aerobic activity are going to constantly stress the weak areas, further worsening the situation.

The constant grinding of the same movement pattern creates wear and tear on your joints and ligaments.

If you are planning to get lean for summer, here is my advice: Cut down on aerobic exercise and increase your strength training.

Studies have shown that individuals adapt to aerobic exercise rather quickly. But to keep the body fat on the lower end of the spectrum with aerobics alone was difficult and almost impossible to achieve.

On the other hand resistance training develops lean muscle tissue. Lean muscle tissue burns more calories and therefore, eats away at your excessive fat. Less fat tissue on your body reveals that leaner muscle.

Finnish researchers Haekkinen and Parinen (1993) demonstrated that moderate resistance produced a 20-fold increase in growth hormone compared to only a slight change in a high intensity aerobic program. Growth hormone is a protein consisting of about 190 amino acids that is synthesized in the anterior pituitary gland. It participates in complex physiologic processes including growth and metabolism.

Moderate intensity is simple to figure out; it’s around 70% or your maximum strength. For example, if your bench 1 RM is 100lbs, reduce it to 70lbs and perform 10 RM.

Always keep adjusting the program. To guarantee the best results, you need to adjust your routine every 3– 4 weeks. For some, it should be adjusted every workout depending on the goal objective.

As always, stay focused.


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