The Top 15 Female Celebrities with the Best Taken Care Over-40 Bodies


fitBorn that way?

They say that under the age of 30 you wear the face that you are born with. And over the age of 30, you have that face that you created.

And that may also be true about our bodies.

Just look at this generation of women, most of whom are role models for many of us.
Each of them found her own personal diet, nutrition and stress management program in order to stay active, maintain youngevity and increase longevity.

Each one is great, so we couldn’t decide how to rank them! In no particular order, here are the top 15 female celebrities with the best bodies over 40:

1. Jane Fonda (73)


Jane Fonda at 73, keeps it fit and toned. She is known to have given birth to the concept of workout and fitness more than two decades ago, when it was not as popular in Hollywood as it is today. Keep it up, Jane.

2. Susan Sarandon (64)


Susan Sarandon uses a personal trainer and says she uses exercise balls or plays catch with a heavy ball instead of just getting on machines. Susan also does Pilates. She’s another person who is a great role model and shows what is possible at any age.

3. Demi Moore (48)


Demi Moore uses the Raw Food diet, which features a completely vegetarian menu (no dairy), and no food cooked above 118 degrees. She does yoga, Pilates, and cardio for exercise.

4. Sandra Bullock (46)


Sandra uses portion control to stay trim and fit. She runs regularly to burn off extra calories. Her stress management technique is very Zen. Who doesn’t like her kindness and forgiveness, even after a break up with her ex-husband?

5. Vanessa Williams (47)


Vanessa eats 5 small meals a day. She does Winsor Pilates and follows the 5-factor Program. A little tip, Vanessa: Resistance training will maintain your strong, defined arms and will shape them even more.

6. Courteney Cox (46)


Courteney Cox uses the Blood Type Diet and the Atkins Diet. She does workouts like Budokon, running, and Pilates. You’ve came a long way Courtney, baby. Just keep it up.

7. Jennifer Aniston (41)


Jennifer uses the Zone Diet, which is 40 percent carbohydrate, 30 percent protein, and 30 percent fat. She does Yoga, Cardio and Strength training with her Yoga instructor who incorporates calisthenics into her routine. Jennifer also does Budokon and enjoys long walks on the beach. And she can kick Brett in the a**.

8. Michelle Pfeiffer (52)


Michelle uses portion control and follows a low-fat diet. She avoids dairy, wheat and sugar. She does sprints with a bit of hiking and Pilates.

9. Sarah Jessica Parker (45)


Sarah Jessica Parker uses the Hamptons Diet and the Zone Diet. She goes running regularly, does Pilates and yoga to stay in shape.

10. Kim Cattrall (54)


Kim Cattrall follows the South Beach Diet. She works with her trainer, Gunnar Petersen, and also does Pilates.

11. Janet Jackson (44)


Janet follows a low carb and low calorie diet and eats small healthy meals every 3 hours. She does a lot of strength training and cardio.

She is someone who has been struggling with her weight all her life. Yet, she does keep improving and keeping it real. We love you, Janet.

12. Madonna (53)


Madonna follows a Macrobiotic Diet and uses portion control. She does Ashtanga Yoga, exercises 6 days a week and mixes Pilates, Gyro- tonics and cardio. She also uses power plates to maximize her workout routines.

We take a bow.

13. Halle Berry (44)


Halle Berry follows the 5-Factor Diet and a Diabetic Diet. Her workout program includes cardio warm-ups, upper body toning, lower body strength exercises, mid section moves and fat-burning cardio.

14. Julia Roberts (43)


Julia Roberts uses the Diet Designs eating program. She does Pilates, strength training, and yoga and works with trainer Kathy Kaehler.

15. Diane Lane (45)


Diane Lane uses portion control in her diet and does Yoga to stay in shape.

16. Margarita Heredia (55)

Margarita uses the fresh air foods, eating from the earth and not from the package and Alpine Weight Loss Youngevity Fitness techniques to stay in shape.

She is a celebrity in the Stefan Aschan Fitness Community as she has lost 60 lbs. this year. We are so proud of you!

17. You (?)


You. Yes, you. Become a “New Youngster” as well and find your inner wisdom to eat, be active and to find yourself again.

Everyone can be a “Youngster”. Yes, believe it. Janet, Jane, Susan, Demi, and all the other girls show you that it is possible.

Why not you? Take the first step to becoming a “New Youngster” today.

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