Liquid Weight Loss: A Magarita, a Cosmo or a Long Island Iced tea?


apple-juiceThose don’t have to be the only drinks that added lbs over the summer. One glass of alcohol has about 120 calories. Multiply this by 7 and you will have 840 calories per week. This accumulates to 3.360 calories. Whoa! This is close to 1 pound per week.

Calorie facts:

Serving size is one glass (200 ml)

750 calories for 1 Long Island Iced tea

453 calories for 1 Margarita

413 calories for 1 Martini

151 calories for 1 Cosmopolitan

150 calories for 1 bottle of beer (depending on brand and alcohol)

There are two times when you most likely gain weight: right after the holidays in December and over the summer, sitting outside or by the pool enjoying cocktails over the months of July and August.

It’s no surprise that cleansing and natural weight loss programs are in demand after these times. Do they work? Which ones are the one that work the best? Should you do them or not? Here are some solutions and guidelines for you:

Master cleanse:

Created by Stanley Burroughs in 1941 and promoted by Peter Glickman in the 1990’s. The ingredients are cayenne pepper, maple syrup, lemon juice and water. Lemon and cayenne pepper are great for healing and cleansing purpose such as for sinuses and ulcers. Cayenne pepper has a thermogenic effect on our system and can act as a laxative. Benefit: Healing of inflamed mucous membranes. Downfall: Your body is deprived of a variety of nutrients and enzymes that your body needs for an efficient functioning metabolism.

Lemon juice fast:

Also created by Stanley Burrought. It is a simple cleanse where you take in only lemon juice and water. Lemon juice is a bile emulsifier and a liver cleanser; both of which are important in the metabolism of fat (the primary site is your liver). Lemon is high in vitamin C and the rind, in B vitamins, which are important for energy production. Benefits: Helps to strengthen your immune system, bloodstream and enhance the elimination of toxins. Downfall: Doesn’t provide amino acids and your body is missing on other essential enzymes and nutrients that you need for an efficiently functioning metabolism.

Apple Cider Cleanse:

This approach became well known in the U.S. in the late 1950’s when D.C. Jarvis promoted it in the book Folk Medicine: A Vermont Doctor’s Guide to Good Health. How does it work? Just mix 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar into one 8 oz glass of water and drink. It was found that people feel fuller when one piece of bread was added at the same time. Benefit: Vinegar with water drunk before a meal helps to stimulate the digestive juices and therefore helps your digestion. Your digestive system and juices slow down after the age of 20.  Downfall: It is not a strategy to implement on a long term basis as apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and should always be used diluted. For more information about Apple Cider Vinegar and its benefits go to http://www.webmd.com/diet/apple-cider-vinegar?page=2

Do I support any of the cleanses?

Yes, if they are used at the right time, for the right reason, for the right person. Not everyone is a cleanse candidate as there are health risks involved.

A cleanse is a great strategy to implement when you need to reset your relationship with food, your oral stimuli and your visual stimuli. Cleansing can be a start of a new beginning for personal growth, weight loss, or a change in a relationship. But it should not be implemented on a consistent basis.

I highly recommend a 2 day vegetable juicing program, as you will get multiple enzymes and nutrients that will keep your metabolism working very efficiently. With a vegetable juicing program, you’ll receive a concentrated form of necessary minerals, nutrients and enzymes. You can learn more about my “Flat Belly Schnell” program in my upcoming book the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets.

As always, stay focused.


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