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“BTW-am down to 145lbs!”

This was on the bottom of an e-mail I received. Don’t you love it? On the bottom and starting with a secret BTW. Come on, what is that about? Be proud of your success and accomplishment. Tell people about it. And make it a mental reality and not just a physical reality.

Losing 42 lbs, from a starting weight of 186 lbs to 145 lbs, takes commitment and ongoing change of strategies.

Sitting back and celebrating weight loss is great for one hour…and then the commitment must go on.

This successful client had additional questions that I would like to share with you:

“Stefan, three questions for you–What are your thoughts on homemade/stove popped popcorn? What do you think about coconut water? Lastly, any thoughts on Kombucha?”

Answer #1: Popcorn is high in fiber. It is great to help your process of elimination and cleansing. Fiber is beneficial on many levels and one of them is to bind bile acid to reduce cholesterol. Hence, stove-popped popcorn is a go. Yet, stay away from buttered, cheese-flavored, or oil-added popcorn if your goal is weight loss. If you get bored of the flavor, use some tumeric and cayenne pepper to change up the flavor.

Answer #2: Packaged coconut water is not to be confused with coconut milk. It has been the latest trend in the soft drink market and it is here to stay. Coconut water is fantastic to replace lost electrolytes as it contains potassium, calcium oxide and magnesium. It is better then Gatorade as Gatorade is filled with high fructose corn syrup, and therefore I don’t recommend it. Read the ingredient list carefully on coconut water as some of them have added sweeteners. Smart water is another great strategy if you want to replenish your electrolytes. And it is cheaper. Yet, plain water for hydration throughout the day is still the best (and cheapest of all!).

Answer #3: The old rediscovered Kombucha tea. Hated to be loved. The first sip makes your stomach turn. The second sip makes you jump off the roof and by the end of the bottle, you are wondering yourself why you finished it. And yet you start the process all over again. But what is Kambucha? Kambucha is a mushroom that is fermented. Through the fermentation process, alcohol is produced which adds fizzling bubbles upon opening the bottle. It contains probiotics that support and aid in a healthy digestion. It is a appetite suppressant and is used in Japan for many health related issues. Kambucha falls under the category of raw foods as it is unprocessed and all the enzymes are intact. Nothing better then raw foods for your system to maintain your metabolic functions. But as with all drinks, don’t drink it instead of water. Drink it once a day or here and there.

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