Supplements: Yes, No, Maybe?


Whoa! What news there was last week. You’ve got to read this.

A study from the Women’s Health Initiative has found by tracking 161,000 older individuals that vitamins don’t prevent diseases. Now, we are talking about a $20 billion industry.

And, at the same time, another study reported that supplementing with vitamin D may play a role in the prevention of dementia – a loss of brain function in the aging process– as reported in the New York Times.

So who do you believe? Do you take supplements or not? According to this pair of studies, supplementing could do wonders; and on the other hand, it doesn’t.

It leaves us only one proper option. Your food intake.

But what kind of food? Does fried chicken, Chinese take-out and conventional raised meat provide nutrients, enzymes and vitamins that your body needs?

Is a calorie a calorie? Is one calorie from a fried pizza the same as one calorie from an apple?

Those and many more questions you need to answer to meet your goal, whether it’s to increase your energy, lose weight or flatten your stomach.

I want you to start thinking. Write down what you eat. Read about the ingredients. Then simply ask: Is this the most beneficial food that help me to accomplish my goal?

As always, stay focused and determined.

Make your body your business.


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