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The warm weather is teasing us already. The first spring rays of the sun are hitting your skin. You are closing your eyes and enjoying the warmth from the sun and perhaps thinking back to last summer. The events, the parties and the great dinners.

Ok, hold on, before we get ahead of our selves. In some part of the world, winter is still in front of the door. And what a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors such as skiing, snowboarding, snow hiking, cross-country, ice skating….

Yet this is not what I want to talk to you about today. Today, I want to speak to you about your future. Your future in activities.

One of the reasons why most of us fall off the exercise wagon is boredom. Why? You pick the wrong activity for you, and before long, you’re troubled by a lack of motivation, consistency, support or self control. All of which you easily can handle with one single action.

Now it is the time to plan your activity schedule. Why not get ready for a marathon, biathlon, triathlon or adventure race. Grab your friends and start to get organized. Join meeting groups or forums to connect.

Why else do you think Madonna hires Tracey Anderson? Just to work on her arms, legs or abs? No because it is efficient, staying committed and you have someone to be accountable to.

The following list of websites can give you a sense of the possibilities out there:

Anything and everything near NYC


Search for a marathon


Search for an adventure race


What is your event for this year going to be?

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