Why The Current Approach to Back, Hip, Shoulder and Neck Pain Is All Wrong (and my solution)

Six-pack abs!

Firm thighs!

Buff arms!

Do you really care about these when you are in pain, due to lower back injuries, torn ligaments, a hip operation gone wrong, accidents?

Yes, might be your answer. Because in addition to the pain, you’ve gained some weight. But the problem is, you don’t know how to overcome your pain and kickstart your weight-loss progress.

6 months, 1 year, 2 years or 7 years later you are still in pain…and still overweight.

From firsthand experience, I know that the most important goal for you is to be pain-free, feel well and stop thinking about dealing with pain with every single movement you do.

It’s not your fault. It just happened.

You woke up one day and couldn’t move. Slowly weight and unhappiness in your body kept creeping up, which affected your appearance, your happy outlook, and your view of a strong, independent active future.

Many times food is the means to drown the emotional pain of not being able to move because of physical pain. Add to this, work and family stress. To stay active becomes more challenging because you don’t want to feel pain. You want to avoid it. Yes, that is normal to not be in pain. You have the right not to be in pain.

Now you can’t move, so you don’t get endorphins from exercise. You reach to alcohol, over-the- counter pain medications, perhaps recreational drugs, sweets and carbohydrates to ease your pain. Agreed, none of this is your fault.

Deep inside, you know what you have to do to lose weight! It is easy. Eat less and move more. That is the simple formula.

You would start to be active but you CAN’T!!! You can’t move because your back, hip, lower back, neck, shoulder or knees are in pain.

You have sought solutions to your problem but it has not given you the pain relief you were hoping for. Instead of a way out of pain, all you got were treatment suggestions, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers and epidural shots.

You might feel like the Lone Ranger left to die. The original Lone Ranger, however, survives because a Native American named Tonto stumbles upon the scene where a band of outlaws had ambushed 6 Texas Rangers and left them behind to die.

Among the many lessons to be learned from the Lone Ranger, here are two:


#1) No matter how good you are, it’s hard to succeed all by yourself.

As a matter of fact, “1” is the WORST number when it comes to recovery and reestablishment of a healthy lifestyle.

One of anything is a recipe for disaster: one opinion, one kind of treatment, one kind of food, one kind of drink, one kind of movement program, one kind of bodywork technique…. One of anything means if that one thing doesn’t work, you will limit your success in gaining a lifestyle that gives and maintains a “Strong, Happy and Vibrant” body.

#2) There is always a “band of outlaws” in the Wild, Wild West (Aging, increased pain, conventional therapy, additional surgery, …) out to ambush you.

No matter how solid your health, the most successful individuals with the strongest, healthiest and vibrant bodies are never content with the status quo. They know they must keep getting better and moving forward…otherwise the “band of outlaws” will catch up to them. And trust me, they do.

Don’t be a Lone Ranger when it comes to your health or finding solutions to your back, hip shoulder, neck pain. Same goes for losing weight, and staying “Strong, Happy and Vibrant”…

Come join the January “’Strong, Happy and Vibrant’ 12 Week Plan 2012” and learn the newest, cutting-edge integrative strategies and tactics for succeeding in the Wild Wild West Health landscape…

You’ll discover:

  • · New strategies and insights to promote natural weight loss
  • · Innovative solutions to reduce inflammation
  • · Integrative movement fitness for the movement patterns that caused injury
  • · Ways to eliminate your body pain
  • · Powerful strategies to regain your life and restful sleep – Hasta la vista to stress that keeps you up at night
  • · Power practices involving your abdominal cavity and chest cavity to gain balance, stability and strength
  • · Strategies to connect mentally and emotionally to your body and health again


Of course, the event I’m talking about is the 2012 Stefan Aschan’s “Strong, Happy and Vibrant” 12 Week Plan 2012” for your PAIN FREE 2012 Kickoff!

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What do recent graduates have to say about the program? Read on:

Douglas M., 43, M.D.

Correcting 25 years of bad movements and dietary habits.

“With the right support, I found it can be done. My body fat went from 36% to 28%, my posture changed for the better and my endurance has improved. Now I understand how to work out correctly to avoid injury. Each day I apply strategies to reduce body fat and skyrocket my endurance.

I am thrilled to be working with the integrated movement and dietary Strength 123 program.”

Douglas continues his program today. I look forward to keep working with him. Samantha has an interesting and different story to tell. Read on what she has to say after looking for multiple solutions for her pain.

Samantha Zirkin, 29, Everyone’s Closet, Founder and President

Finally, pain-free.

“In 2007, I injured my back severely. I wasn’t able to sit without pain, socialize at a dinner table, or sit comfortably while driving a car. It was difficult to tie my shoes and painful to pick up my newborn baby. I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed my baby or even hold her for more than a few minutes. I was terrified that my back pain would not improve and that I wouldn’t be able to care for my daughter properly as she grew. I saw many different doctors, including neurologists, a pain management specialist, a chiropractor, and even an acupuncturist. I also tried two different physical therapists. I tried all the treatments the doctors advised and went to months of physical therapy, but nothing helped. One of the neurologists urged me to work with a personal trainer before considering back surgery.

Then I met Stefan. Not only does he understand all my medical issues, he is also extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness. In fact, he knows much more than any of the physical therapists! His approach is novel, but grounded in current scientific data. In addition, he is easy to talk with, both friendly and outgoing.

Three months later, my back pain has decreased dramatically, from a level 7 to a level 1. I can sit. I can complete any basic daily living task. I can carry my 22-pound child all day long. I have my own pain-free life back. Because of the Strength 123 program, I am no longer worried that I cannot care for my child. I feel energized and empowered. I am confident and happy.

The reduction of fat tissue was just a by-product and not a focus of mine. Yet, I went from 24.90% to 19% body fat. All my friends ask what I eat and how I work out. They want to be a size 4, too! The nutritional program, Mental Detox, changed my way of eating and it showed. I have more energy, sleep better and feel great about myself.

It is time to start playing sports again. I am looking forward to signing up for a Zogsports volleyball team with my husband.”

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Stay focused,

Kind regards,

Stefan Aschan

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