UR Loved Waivers

Greetings UR ❤️ Family!

Check In

Check in at 5:25am for 5:30am meditation, at 6:20am for 6:30am sunrise yoga or anytime between 7:30am and 9:30am or before to dance your butt off with special performances and surprises.

For a touchless check-in, you will be asked to:

1)         Show your Eventbrite e-ticket

2)         Sign and show the e-waiver for your sterilized headset.

3)         Leave a credit card or Id with us in exchange of your headset. We will return your Id or CC upon receipt of your headset.

Then you will be sanctioned into the event with a touch of the URLoved feather to enter the movement space.

E – Waiver Link

Release of Liability and Covid 19 Form

Guidance in the UR ❤️ Movement SpaceLeeeezz Daaaance!

During the Let’s Dance Experience please respect each others needs of space: Be engaging, welcoming, understanding and compassionate. Go with the flow. It might be energetic, crazy and wild. Some parts calm and flowy. Here are some guidelines during the dance to leeeeet gooooo.

How to say yes: Turn Toward each other. Move closer. Extend a hand

How to say no: Turn Away. Move Apart. Hand at your heart.

Share a little

Help us keep this event accessible and FREE ✨. To support our event’s mission & performers donate anything you like or $75 – $100 to receive one of the “URLoved💕 – Sunrise 🌞Dance Party” long sleeve t-shirts or caps. Donations are optional 💋💋 and can be submitted during or after the event.


Square Up

Venmo: @stefanaschan


Let Go

5:30am – Meditation

Conscious Meditation with Stefan Aschan

+ Sound baths by Richie Parrella

6:30am – Movement

Sunrise Yoga Lisa, the light of Ohana Rising supported by Kur Wellness Studio

+ Live Keyboards by Karlee Bloom

7:30 – 9:30am – Let’s Dance Your Butt Off

+ DJ List by PaMa

+ MC Bunny

+ Closing Ceremony by Qigong Master Melinda Applegate

If you are joining us for meditation and movement,
please bring a mat


(Bring Your Own H2O)

With Entertaining Performances & Special Surprises