The Best Way Ever Discovered to get Beach Body Ready to Look and Feel Strong, Happy and Hot for Summer 2012!


Every year, I read articles about how to lose weight fast to get beach body ready.


Some of them are written on mainstream sites, blogs, or infomercial sites that are rather lame and try to sell you some product. You must have heard some of this advice: Skip the deserts, go on a fast, don’t eat carbohydrates … the list goes on. Maybe some of them are useful, but they are not a plan that rocks your boat, body, and mirror.


Then we have sites that are sophisticated and like to put a scientific spin on it. That is great as it gives you more detailed information about how it works on a cellular level, when to exercise, how often to exercise, what not to do, or planning that big cheat meal just right … I am sure you have read many of them.


Something is missing with all these blogs, sites, and information, something that science overlooks … something that is very human. It is a simple strategy that I am about to share with you.


I have cracked the code for simple and easy weight loss and to avoid weight gain.


It is so shockingly simple that even experts overlook it. Here it is: Set a goal to improve over the next 37 days! That’s it. Then come up with 20 solutions on your own and stick to them, not slip back or settle for status quo.


It is not that you can’t reach the goal, but more likely that you will not be able to resist temptations when they present themselves, such as drinking when going out, giving in to snacks that are not on the program, resisting the famous office break … Honestly, I am sure you know how to navigate around those temptations or pitfalls. That is not the problem.


It is more that most people don’t even set their sights on success.


They GIVE UP before even getting started.


Many people do that goal-setting thing in January. Does it last long? We all know that it doesn’t. But the difference is that in January most of the goals are wishes that are not broken down into easy-to-follow steps. Setting goals is only part of my solution to help you to achieve success.


The best way every discovered to lose weight and avoid weight gain for a beach body is not only to set a real goal – a scientifically achievable goal – but to come up with your own solutions that will work along with expert, an accountability system, social support, and a reward system to make sure you follow through and achieve that goal.


After more then 17 years of hard work, trial and error, and fine-tuning, I have created such a system that gives very little room for error.


This system is set up for you to easily follow online or one-on-one. So I know this system works.


In fact…


This system works so well that this is probably the single most important strategy that you can implement.


I am not saying that you don’t have to do work, don’t have to commit, or just do something from time to time.


Getting in great shape for the summer has been done by millions who simply made a decision – and YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!




Enter our before-and-after body transformation summer fitness contest the week before May 17 and follow through until June 23rd.


All I am asking you for is 37 days.


If you don’t enter officially, then “enter unofficially” or do your own “summer fitness challenge” in your own fitness support circle.


Don’t think that 37 days is enough time to see big results?


Here are some testimonials from program participants:

Dana Bol, 44

I was looking for a program that could help me to lose weight, improve strength and cardio, energy for my climbing that I love to do in my free time. It was difficult for me to design a program myself to see the results that I was looking for. Stefan’s program did what I needed to accomplish.

I’ve lost around 7 pounds in 3 weeks! I’m going over roofs at the crag much more easily and just feel better (more energetic). I shop the way I usually do, and have moved things around a bit in the nutrition program to adjust it to my daily schedule and taste. I eat a little more when I’m climbing and a little less the day after. Over all I follow the program pretty diligently

Thanks again for all your input … my arms are also looking better – yeah!

Jane Stack, 44

My pants did not fit anymore and I needed help. Stefan’s program came highly recommended from a great friend of mine. Still, I did my research to verify that his program was the program for me. In 9 weeks, I am skinnier, more toned, stronger, and have more energy. Yet, it was not just his movement program. His nutrition program and newsletters helped to change my eating habits, to implement changes and to stay focused. What people fail to see is that the nutrition and workouts go hand in hand. Stefan’s program will change your workout and eating regiment. It works. It is hard but it works!

Michael Mueller, 55

I needed help. I had gained almost 20 pounds because of my intense travel schedule and feeling out of control with my eating habits. Exercise did not exist as traveling and my intense work schedule took my energy. In short, I was in a downward spiral and needed to get out of it.

Stefan’s programs, the Strength 123 and Mental Detox program, helped me to lose 19 pounds in 8 weeks.


Yet, this was not the only benefit that I have experienced. I changed my attitude from “no, I can’t” to “yes, I can do it.” I feel confident and in control. I have more energy. The best part of Stefan’s programs are, that they are feasible and I can do them anywhere. This has worked for me and I am confident that it will work for you.

Julie Kaminska, 39

From 138 lbs to 114 lbs, a weight loss of 24 lbs.

I have never had so much fun working so hard! Stefan’s program is a wonderful blend of discipline and fun and his tremendous knowledge and ability has made my workouts very focused and result-oriented.

You can spend hours browsing though posts on my sites or this blog and finding hundreds of transformational stories ( Check out the Quick All Natural Weight Loss Inner Circle or the Easy And Simple Weight Loss One-on-One Program). And I am going to post even more of them on the blog in the next week for added motivation.




This is the best event that allows everyone to participate because of the Internet. You don’t have to be local to benefit from my 17+ years of knowledge, tips and tricks.


Now is the time to take action. You CAN do this!


Your participation will enter you to have a chance at wining a two -day stay in the famous Hudson Valley New York  – COLD SPRING.


OKAY, this is the reward part that I spoke about. This is your carrot. The Hudson Valley offers many hikes, fantastic restaurants, and trips for sightseeing. Since summer is upon us, this is a perfect weekend get away.


And the reward waking up in your own home and looking in the mirror transformed for the summer. This isn’t bad either.


Today, I wanted to do following:


1) Get you informed about the sign-up

2) Get you motivated

3) And make you take action


Are you IN? Drop me a note on Facebook or in the comments below and get stated.


I am excited to motivate you and get you a Strong, Hot and Vibrant Beach Body for Summer 2012.


Get focused and expect results.


Stefan Aschan, M.Sc.

Author of the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets 

Creator of the official All Natural Weight Loss Beach Body Challenge 2012 







What is it?

“Quick All Natural Weight Loss Summer Challenge” is a
37-day natural body transformation contest help every year
right before the start of the Memorial Day Weekend (May 26)
until summer begins June 20.

What are the exact dates?

Registration opens May 2, 2012 and closes May 19, 2012. We
STRONGLY URGE you to not wait till the last minute.

Who is it for?

The Quick All Natural Weight Loss Summer Challenge is for
all Strength123 clients, members, and customers who
purchased my book, DVDs, members at the Inner Circle
program, or one-on-one private coaching clients.

How much does it cost?

For you? Nothing. The contest is free for Strength123
private clients and Inner Circle members.

You mean I don’t have to buy supplements?

NO. I don’t sell supplements and it is up to you to decide
if you want to take them. But they are not required for this

How do I register?

Inner Circle members are already registered. Just log into
the Inner Circle web
site with your existing user name and
password, then go to the Summer Challenge Forums.
Strength123 clients, please send me an e-mail with the subject: “I
am IN” and to take your before pictures and measurements.

How do Strength123 clients register?

Some of you are members of to the Quick All Natural Weight
Loss Inner Circle program. If you are not a member you can
use this private registration link, which lets you into the
challenge forums. You are on our customer list so here is
the link in case you missed it before:


WARNING: DO NOT use that link if you are already a full
member. IF you use this link, it will erase your full access

Where do I enter?

The contest is being held at our members-only web site, the
Quick All Natural Weight Loss Inner Circle and with our
private Easy And Simple Weight Loss coaching clients.
But anyone can unofficial participate.
Just send me an e-mail and say:


What do I do now?

If you are already a regular Inner Circle member, go to the
Inner Circle site, log in with the user name and password
you already have.
If you need personal help to sign up for the 12 week course to participate go here:

I hope you join us. This could be the best thing you’ve
ever done for yourself and you could make some of the best
friends in fitness that you’ve ever made …

Stay focused and expect results.

Stefan Aschan, M.Sc.

Author of Alpine Weight Loss Secrets
Founder & CEO, Quick All Natural Weight Loss