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“I was so in the zone” I overheard a woman proudly announcing during a dinner conversation. 


Since the invention and widespread use of heart rate monitors, our approach to cardio vascular training has changed. These devices provide an inexpensive and efficient tool to enhance your fitness program by monitoring your heart rate during your workouts.


Your motivation will skyrocket. Depending on the system you use, you can take advantage of an online tracking tool to establish accountability. In conjunction with an integrative online system, your monitor will help you to establish records regarding your improvements. You can easily review your performance on charts and compare your applied strategies that result in your fitness success.


Before we discuss this method, let’s address the following questions:


  1. How can I establish my individual zone for endurance, fat burning, and weight loss?


  1. Do these numbers really make sense?


  1. Do those methods reflect my individual training zones?


These are the issues you should consider when you incorporate heart rate monitor training into your fitness program.

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