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Here is a question from Ruth:

“Do you have videos for us 73 year olds? All the younger people believe they have the answers for us older folks, but they don’t understand much about osteoporosis and fibromyalgia effects. Do you have anything to give that is in print, etc?”

Ruth, thank you for your question. First, you are 73 years YOUNG.

Say old and you think old. Say young and you think young. Start changing your communication with yourself.

And have you noticed that it is not uncommon for individuals to easily reach 90 and 100 years old? Since you have passed the age of 73 years, your chances have dramatically increased to accomplish this.

If you have a question like Ruth’s, when suffering from pain caused by injury, or have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and/or perhaps fibromyalgia, then this is for you. Read More→

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