Strength 123

We turn clients into athletes.

Stefan Aschan takes the “what you see is what you get” approach by implementing Strength 123’s Training Techniques.

Do you like the look of athletes? He assumes, yes.

An athletic body is well-defined, in proportion, and full of energy-and athletes work hard to maximize their amazing physiques. We are all capable of achieving that athletic look and feel, but not without laying the proper groundwork first.

Stefan believes in starting with the basics. The foundation of the program is understanding what each muscular movement is really supposed to feel like. Not what you think it’s supposed to feel like, or what you were previously taught it is supposed to feel like.

It is critical that you understand exactly how to contract your muscles, and precisely where the tension in your body should be at all times. It’s extremely focused work; but without it, you will simply set yourself up to fail down the line.

Once the basics are mastered, the focus is shifted to functionality. We will work with a series of exercises, many of which are taken from track and field, high jumping, wide jumping, sprinting, ballet, martial arts, and gymnastics. Again, it is about mastering specific movements.

We do not yet increase the cardiovascular intensity; instead you will be drilled until you know how to correctly execute each new movement.

Once you can move correctly, while maintaining the right muscular balance and tension, we will move on.

Finally, once we are sure that you can move like an athlete, we will train you like an athlete. We will go into more intense workout routines that are designed specifically for your individual fitness level.

The intensity level will change constantly, and we will combine different movements, combinations, rest periods, weights, repetition and speed.

If at any point, the execution is not 100% correct, we will start the process all over again. We will break down each movement, so that step by step, your central nervous system comprehends it. Our goal is to help you to accomplish your goals. Might this be a flat stomach, a leaner toner body, a thin waist, a toned bottom or shaped legs.

Precision is the key to the Strength 123 workout, and it guarantees that you will receive the most benefit from your workout program to accomplish your goal.

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