Natural Weight Loss & Get Fit Accelerator Application

By Invitation Only

Announcing a powerful new coaching program created to take your natural fitness and weight loss success to the next level.

“How to Skyrocket Your Natural Weight

Loss Success, Get Fit, and Gain a Hot, Sexy,

Vibrant Body and Lose More Weight and

Burn More Fat in the Next 12 Months than

You Ever Thought Possible…With ZERO

RISK to You!”


 Dear Fellow Natural Weight Loss & Get Fit Seekers,


I’d like to share with you an opportunity to accelerate your natural weight loss success and achieve your goal to get fit in the next 12 months. See better results than you ever thought possible… with ZERO RISK to you!


For the past several years, we’ve run the most powerful, easy, and simple weight loss program in the industry. We regularly see ordinary individuals achieve extraordinary results and who now enjoy a hot, sexy, and vibrant body with increased strength, endurance, and flexibility. This has become the rule rather than the exception.


During this time, we’ve gotten a firm grasp on the changes that need to happen for each individual seeking to lose fat to climb to the next level and accelerate their weight and fat loss progress at rates faster than ever before.


However, until now, this natural weight loss acceleration formula has only been available to my one-on-one personal clients in town. There are even elements that have never even been offered to my clients before.


My Crazy Idea….


The other day I was trying to figure out a way to extend these powerful, natural weight loss, fat loss, training, and coaching strategies that we’ve developed for my clients in town to people outside of this select group and share it with our other customers and members who want the same type of benefits as our local clients have received. I also wanted to determine how to extend a natural get-fit program to my in-town clients who have moved away, stopped for one reason or another, like to start again and would still like to follow my program in detail and receive my personal input and strategies for their long-term success. This is also for in-town clients who like to enjoy more of Central Park and hiking trips in the magnificent Hudson Valley.


After a great deal of thought, I came up with the idea of offering an invitation-only coaching program for current or inactive former clients who have gone out of town and out-of-town clients who would like to become insider clients:


The Natural Weight Loss & Get Fit Acceleration Program


In this program, I coach a select group of fitness, weight loss, and fat loss seekers to shape hot, sexy, vibrant bodies with strength, endurance, and flexibility for optimum health to fit into the clothes you’ve always wanted – fast!!!


The Natural Weight Loss Acceleration Program incorporates the following components:



Acceleration Component #1 – 12 Live Group Meetings Per Year


During these coaching sessions we will discuss your program, your goals, your challenges, and your strengths for success. We’ll provide you with valuable techniques, resources, and ideas. You will have our complete and undivided attention during our sessions together over the entire 12 months.


Acceleration Component #2 – Unlimited Phone & Email Access to Assistants and to Me


In addition to our live Natural Weight Loss Acceleration Sessions, you will have unlimited access to me or to my assistants by either phone or email.


Acceleration Component #3 – Weekly Check-ins


Just obtaining knowledge isn’t enough. You must follow through with what you’ve learned during our live meetings and in your coaching calls. Each week you’ll check in with us and the rest of the group to report that everything is going according to plan, and if we notice any deviation from your plan, we’ll help you get back on track.


Acceleration Component #4 – Unlimited Email Contact to Us


Currently I charge $200/hour, which is $800/month for once-a-week sessions. Unlimited Email Coaching is included in this package, but all members of the Acceleration Program will receive this benefit as a component of their membership.


Acceleration Component #5 – Monthly Workout Programs


  •      Monthly Template (pdf format) – You will receive a monthly template for your get-fit program to follow. After each workout, you will record the time and date on the template, which you will submit before we engage in our calls so that we know if you are on track to accomplish your goals.


  •     Cardio Program to follow to Burn Fat Fast (pdf format) – You will receive examples of low, medium, and high intensity cardio workouts to take the guess work out of what will help you achieve your best burn fat fast. These programs can be done on the bike or treadmill.


  •     Strength Training Program (pdf format) – You will also receive an upper-body and lower-body strength training program that you can do on the S123 Strength Training days when you need guidelines for your workouts.


  •      Cross-Fit Training Program (pdf format) – Lastly, you will have access to a new monthly interval program to help you become cross fit in as few as 4 weeks. Those programs are fun and ever changing, so they keep you interested. If you can’t make it to our Cross-fit classes in Central Park because you are out of town, this will be the solution for you.


Those programs can be followed easily in the gym. Easy adjustments can be implemented for workouts at home or while you travel. The Inner Circle Program will provide you free workouts videos and templates to help keep you on track wherever you are.


Acceleration Component #6 – Access to Clinics and Trips for You and a Guest.



Throughout the course of one year I host clinics in Central Park or hiking trips upstate for members of our various programs or my private clients. You and a guest will have an open invitation to attend any of these sessions.



1)     Weekend hiking trips to the magnificent Hudson Valley

2)     Nordic walking clinics and classes in Central Park (I am the only one who conducts these walking clinics in Central Park – even Bloomberg inquired abut my infamous clinics!)

3)     Cross-fit training classes for all levels in Central Park.



Sample Get Fit Strength123 Schedule



But that’s not all…



I have Special Bonuses for you that you can only receive with membership:


  • Bonus #1 – The book Alpine Weight Loss Secrets: The Natural
    Way to Look and Feel 5, 10, or Even 20 Years Younger
    $14.95 on Amazon) Can’t wait to get started right away? Instantly download the book. Start reading. Stop the behaviors that are holding you back. Gain insights for easy natural weight loss from the Alpine folks.


  • Bonus #2 – Access to the Quick and Natural Weight Loss Inner Circle Through coaching videos, workout videos, and motivational videos and newsletters, you will have access to


Ø      More then 60 recipes,

Ø      30 at-home workout videos,

Ø      5 Instant Natural Weight Loss Drinks (normally $29). Margarita has used one of these weight loss drinks to lose 50 lbs in 24 weeks.

Ø      You will also receive 7 Flat-Belly Fast Moves (normally $29),

Ø      5 Restoration Workers to erase one wrinkle after another (normally $29),

Ø      Your Guide to Cool Your Hot Flash Symptoms Instantly (normally $29).


All this will be given to you for FREE!


The 12-Month Natural Weight Loss & Get Fit Acceleration Program Investment


I’ve decided to do something no one else in the industry would ever consider; I only accept payment after you complete your four-week trial to see if this program is for you


There is no hourly fee for the Natural Weight Loss & Get Fit Acceleration Program.  Instead, members will share a monthly flat fee for access to the acceleration components and bonuses.


The bottom line: If you don’t like what we have to offer and haven’t lost 4 lbs or 2% body fat in the first 4 weeks, we don’t get paid. No exceptions.


However, if you like what we have to offer and you accomplish your first weight loss and fat loss goal and feel stronger after the first 4 weeks, the fee will be less than that of a one-hour personal coaching session with me. Not $200, not $180, but only $150 per person per month. This price is locked in when 10 people commit to work for 12 months in the Natural Weight Loss & Get Fit Acceleration Program.



Do You Qualify?


Because we will work so closely with the Natural Weight Loss & Get Fit Accelerator Members over the next 12 months, there are certain conditions you must accept before you can apply for membership (but you’ll agree that every condition is quite reasonable).


  1. You must be an action taker who needs motivation and support. We can only accept a limited number of weight loss and fitness seekers into the program, so we don’t have time to spend with people who are unwilling to commit to making the next 12 months the year they transform themselves.


  1. While I do want you to call and e-mail me any time you have a weight loss or program question, I do expect you to have a reason – whether to report a reason for weight gain or to seek motivation or advice. You must not call just to shoot the breeze. There are only so many hours in a single day, and I serve not only the members of this group, but also all of my elite one-on- one personal training clients, groups, and clinics.


  1. The same goes for e-mails to my assistant. Every person in the program, from members to coaches, values their time – please treat it accordingly.


  1. When you sign up and commit to the scheduled clinics, hiking trips, or cross-fit trainings class, you need to show up. Why? Because we count on you to be there and enjoy the wellness and trainings approach with your fellow members. I prepare the clinics for your succeeds; do your part and come to participate!


  1. After you submit your application, we will contact you so we can determine if you are a good fit for the program. The last thing you want is to enroll in a program that isn’t a good fit.


To help you decide whether you should apply for the Natural Weight Loss Acceleration Program, here are three more points to think about before you send in the application.


1.      Can you accept constructive criticism? If so, you’ll do well. It doesn’t do anyone any good to patronize you when you can be achieving REAL success through honest, straight-to-the-point feedback.


2.      We will not accept you as a member if you are not sincere in delivering the absolute best of yourself as a human being.


3.      Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and are you willing to work hard to change it? The techniques we’re going to share with you have been proven to work, but they won’t be successful if you don’t put in the effort to implement them.


While we do want you to give this some serious thought, you can’t procrastinate too long…


We are starting interviews now and will be closing the Natural Weight Loss Acceleration Program again soon.


 Natural Weight Loss and Get Fit Application


I expect each one of those memberships to be snatched up very quickly by weight loss seekers who want to burn fat and lose weight without weight-loss pills, crazy fad diets, or surgery and who want to see their body as hot, strong, and vibrant.



Stefan Aschan, M.Sc.
791 Lexington Ave, Sutie 2R
New York, NY 10065