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Hello wellness seekers,


This corporate program can be designed according to the needs of your company. Together, we can determine the best and most efficient strategies for your team and company.


How does your company benefit from a corporate program?


1.      Financial gains in the form of lower health-insurance costs and improved employee performance

2.      Participants in a corporate fitness program had medical-claims costs 55 percent lower over a six-year period than did nonparticipants.

3.      Lower absenteeism costs

4.      Sick leave was reduced 19% during a four-year study

5.      Exercise is a great remedy for people who are overweight, people who want to quit smoking, people who are stressed out, people who are tired and don’t seem to have a lot of energy


Here are the components you can choose from:


Mini seminars at the office:


We know that time is tight and interaction is the key to success. Hence, we offer a series of short, 30-minute seminars, followed by  a Q&A session to answer all questions on the topic at hand.


9 sample mini seminars:


  • Healthy Living, Healthy Choices
  • Eat Fat to Burn Fat!
  • Calories and your Digestion: What’s the Connection?
  • Your Basal Metabolic Rate: Facts and Fictions
  • Injured? Smart, Safe Activity Alternatives
  • Anti-inflammatory Foods: What to Eat When to Quench the Flames
  • Easy ways to Replenish and Recover—from a Tough Week or a Tough Break
  • Kettle bells: The Do’s and Don’ts
  • All about the Dura Balls:  How to Use Them Efficiently to Shape Your Body


Featured presenters include Dr. Stuart Fisher, author of the Park Avenue Diet, Arthur Ludwig, L.M.T., Massage Therapist for the Yankee’s, Basil Butcher, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, … (Other professionals available, depending on topic and needs.)


*On-site seminars will not include audience activity due to liability (unless otherwise approved).




Build community and energy! Here are classes that are currently offered:


Nordic Walking

Yes, we are the only company who holds Nordic Walking Clinics in Central Park. The clinic offers a basic training for the different stride techniques. Then apply what you’ve learned by participating in weekly walking sessions in Central Park. Click here to learn more about Nordic Walking. 

Boot camp

Cross train in the gym without walls. Improve your strength, endurance, mobility and flexibility. Use Central Park as a background setting. The outdoors will rejuvenate you and give you new ideas for your job. Yes, exercise keeps the creative juices going.

Running classes

We offer running clinics aimed at the experienced runner, the brand-new beginner and every level in between. Learn body mechanics, different running styles and tips on how to stay motivated and injury-free.


The above classes are designed as offsite events. On-site options are available upon request.


Personal Evaluations


Where do you start and how do you measure process? And how to prove accountability? Online access goes only so far. But we take it steps further.


On-site we can take evaluations to measure individual progress. These evaluations include:


1) Functional Movement Screening

Are you cleared for any kind of exercise? Our Functional Movement Test will give you an assessment of the basic movements that you need to focus on before adding weights or resistance to your movement pattern.

2) Body Fat Measurement

Men and women have different body fat standards. The fitness range for men is between 14 to 17%; and for women, between 21 and 24%. Evaluations can be taken every 4 to 8 weeks with strength and cardio programs per month to follow up.

3) Circumference measurements

What are your current measurements? Where should you be? What are your strategies to reduce fat and to gain longevity? A high waist to hip ratio indicates increased cardiovascular risks. If  you need to reduce your internal abdominal fat, you can do it with simple dietary tricks and strategies that we will share in the on-site seminars.

Done-for-you Fitness program


What a 20-year-old can do is not necessarily the right thing for a 40-year-old. And the opposite can be true as well. Hence, after the evaluation program, each employee will receive two programs to follow until the next check-in. This will include:


  • A monthly template
  • A done-for-you strength program
  • A done-for-you cardio program


Done-for-you Diet programs


The numbers are in. You need to lose weight. The solution is to create a calorie deficit. So, you have two options:


1) Increase your intensity levels (or start to exercise regularly), or

2) Lower your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

We will help you to calculate your BMR and design a personal nutritional program to meet your needs.


Access to the membership site


Why visit the membership site?

#1 – Motivation

Why sign up for a program? You might find yourself in a
situation where you need it all: a cohesive program, information you
can trust (you know fad diets don’t work), and a ready supply of motivation.

#2 – Questions for your Coach

Personalized support is the key to success! You can ask any
question and there’s an opportunity to ask personalized
questions in the Q&A section. My team loves what we do. And we are
here to help you.

#3 – Coaching Videos

The proof is in: Success is based on access to  advice, direction,
and coaching (Taylor & Francis research journal). Because I
know you need direction that’s backed by proven science, I have
created coaching videos to educate and connect with you.

#4 – Your Personal Nutrition Ratios

You know what to eat, but do you know your menu percentages? This percentage is the ratio of fats to protein to carbohydrates. The right ratio turns up the “dial” on your metabolism so that you burn more fat daily.We will help you to calculate your BMR and design a personal nutritional program for you.

#5 – Workout Videos

To burn fat fast, activity is a must.  Our videos make it easy to stay interested, to mix it up, and to pick where you want to workout, whether it’s at home, in your neighborhood, or even the great outdoors.

#6 – Workout pdf Programs

If some of you don’t like on-line communication, it’s
not a problem. I have created the same program in pdf format so
you can print it out and carry it with you. As a general rule, I recommend that you use the video to learn how to do the movements correctly.


Check it out by clicking here.


Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to connecting!

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