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Meet us on Sunday, September 26th for a morning meditation, yoga and dance — at 5th Avenue Beach, Asbury Park, NJ, next to the Convention Center!

Join us for our very first UR LOVED VIP Sunrise Dance Party ❤️

It’s a Free Event—Spread the Love!

Sunday, September 26, 2021, at the Fifth Avenue Beach in Asbury Park, NJ. Book your TIX now and check your Spam folders.

Glitter in the stars🌟🌟, glitter in our eyes. I’m levitating 🔮… are you? We want you to feel loved, move, and dance. Come dressed shiny and glittery for the 🌈🌈occasion!

It’s the first party of a new rising✨. This party was designed with joy in mind to help us all explore, to let go, and to give. Dance releases endorphins. Explore your parasympathetic system and liberate your serotonin and dopamine during meditation. Then top off those pleasure feelings with oxytocin as you grow and gain new neuro pathways by making new gentle, bonding, and trusting connections!

First, we unite your mind, body, and breath with the help of Yogi Rich Parrella and 👨‍❤️‍👨Integrative Movement Specialist Stefan Aschan, trained in the field of fitness, movement mechanics, and holistic healing💕💕.

Then be moved👣 by yoga and flow by Asbury Parks Yoga Studios to let go. Breath in, breath out, let go! Set intention with rotation and elongations. Feel the first ☀️ sunray on your skin as you feel the movement flow of Hatha Yoga. Celebrate in the creation of a new day!

Unleash you inner 🌟spirit to dance💃🏼💃🏼 with the power of rhythms of house👣, drums, beats, trance👣, and the mystical with vocals from the around the world, infused by vocals from the world-famous 🎶MC Kuf Knotz. Let go! Sweat! Feel love! Did we invite you to let go and dance your butt off?

We seal the deal during the closing circle with Qigong Master Melinda Applegate before we spread the love.

We have limited headphones for this Free 😱Silent Disco Sunrise Dance Party event! The love will last forever, but the free tickets with free headphone reservations are going fast😎!



Let Go

5:30 am – Meditation

Conscious Meditation with Stefan Aschan

+ Sound baths by Richie Parrella

6:30 am – Movement

Sunrise Yoga with Yoga Studios from AP

+ Live Keyboards by Karlee Bloom

7:30 – 9:30 am – Let’s Dance YBO

+ DJ List by PaMa

+ MC Kul Knotz

+ Closing Ceremony by Qigong Master Melinda Applegate

If you are joining us for meditation and movement, please bring a mat


With Entertaining Performances & Special Surprises


*Even though this experience is outdoors, (please plan (make conscious decisions when)) to wear a mask to feel comfortable during check in on 5th Avenue Beach.)*

**To prevent overcrowding related to health concerns, we are distributing free tickets.**

***Share a little at the check in. All donations are used to pay performers and costs to organize this free event by Strength123 Inc / Stefan Aschan. Venmo, Square Up or Pay Pal $10,- for the headphone usage or $35,- for the full 4 hour experience. More if you heart desires.***

Who we are?

With UR Loved, we all join together as a supportive community to move, dance, and play freely in a safe, inspiring space.

You will experience the joy of meditation, the freedom of movement, and the bliss of dancing to the new rays of morning light, enriched by the ocean breeze and rhythms of beats and music. Join us!

We aim to discover, explore, share, and unleash our best inner selves and to live a kinder, compassionate life alongside our neighbors and friends.

We meditate. We move. We dance. We let go. Feel the love. Spread the vibes. Rise up! Come along!


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