Do You Commit?


You might find yourself in the following situation:

  • Inactive and can’t stop eating
  • Emerged in your profession and can’t get away from work, even when you are at home
  • Or the opposite – when you are done with work, you just go home and relax and watch TV



You might have abandoned your commitments to improve your lifestyle to achieve better health and performance.


To help you to get on track, I will share a solution with you to recommit to your commitments. Read on!

Commitment Failure


Our attention spans are getting shorter.


Do you routinely start one conversation, change to the next without finishing the first, or start to read a book/article and flip to the next article after 3 seconds? Busted! Surfing channels is yet another example of a short attention span. Who hasn’t watched two shows at once?


Welcome to the technology era. It sounds so advanced, but is it really?


Everything is instant:


  • Instant breakfast


  • Instant body changes through lipo-suction


  • Instant weight loss through diet pills


  • Instant get-rich scams that promise you wealth


This “instant” overload can distract us from focusing on maintaining consistency of commitments.



Commit to Say “Stop”


Growing up in an alpine environment, we learned to stop to smell the roses, to stop and have a conversation, or to stop work when it was time to go home.


We learned to stop and say “no” when we had enough. We said “stop” when our bellies were full, even if more food was offered.


Saying “stop” is easy for some and harder for others.


Stop now. Look at your commitments; this can include your financial commitments, relationship commitments, or your weight loss commitments. How serious are you about them? Has life distracted you from them? Think about it.


Any state of commitment is bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action. You are engaged in the process to achieve a goal, many times through trial and error. Mistakes happen. Do you give up? Or do you keep hammering away?


Does this make you think? I hope it does.



Learn. Grow. Commit.


According to Albert Einstein, success is a commitment to learn and grow. Commit to your goals to learn and grow. This can take form in many ways as you set a goal:


  • A weight loss goal


  • A financial goal


  • A better nutrition goal


  • More time for yourself


I encourage you to take a new look at your commitments.


Here is my suggestion: Stop being distracted and tune into your goals to learn, to grow, and to recommit!


Follow these steps:


  • Restate your commitments
  • Speak them out loud
  • Write them down
  • Share them


Let me be your helper. Here is a fantastic site that helps you to commit:


Create a profile. This site will keep you accountable to your commitment to learn and to grow for a specific period that you select. You can even choose to pay money if you fail to archive your commitment. This is really great motivational tool.


When you sign up, you can add me as your “commitment buddy.” Just look for “Strength123”.


And as always….


Stay focused, and be dedicated to your success.



M.Sc, CPT, CSCC, Integrative Movement Specialist ™


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