Weight Maintenance: 8 Weight Loss Strategies to Keep the Fat Off


Keeping up with your weight loss, fat loss, and weight maintenance programs can be tedious and boring. However, scientific journals and experts in the weight loss and fat loss industry support the advice that follows for sticking with your weight loss and maintenance goals.


Some of these data come from obesity research from the University of Surrey, from summaries and reviews of 152 studies. This tutorial serves as a translation of these studies into concise lessons that you can implement into your weight loss and maintenance program.


These strategies, as applied below, will help you lose fat, lose weight, and keep it off for good (strategies are not ranked in the order of importance).


Weight Loss Maintenance Strategy #1:  Implement self-monitoring


Tracking and monitoring of activities performed, calories consumed, progression, body fat, weight, and circumference measurements are important habits to maintain in order to complete a successful weight maintenance program. Examples of mediums for tracking these items are food logs, journals, and counters to track and measure your successes as well your failures. If you don’t measure it, you won’t improve it!


Weight Loss Maintenance Strategy #2:  Practice self-affirmation


“I can do it” might sound like an old, overused phrase, but it works. Believing that you can do something is half of the battle to accomplishing success. The conviction that you can successfully accomplish a goal will move you forward to the point of success; this does not only apply to weight loss or weight management.


Weight Loss Maintenance Strategy #3:  Manage yo-yo dieting


Yo-yo dieting will take its toll on your health, as studies have confirmed. What matters, however is the total downward trend in your weight throughout the year. Weight gain will happen within a weight loss program; acknowledge your weight gain and learn from your mistakes.


Weight Loss Maintenance Strategy #4:  Exercise


In the beginning of a weight loss program, it is not important that you implement exercise. But when it comes to weight maintenance, an activity program is essential to keeping your weight off. Our bodies’ metabolism slows down every decade after the age of 20. As we get older, we also lose lean muscle tissue that burns fat. To maintain a higher metabolism, strength training is key to maintaining a lean body but also to burning fat.


Weight Loss Maintenance Strategy #5:  Be present


Just talking about your weight loss goals doesn’t make you loss or maintain your weight. What matters is that you are present to participate in your program, resisting the urge to skip your healthy calculated meals and workouts. All of your efforts add up.


Weight Loss Maintenance Strategy #6:  Gather support


The benefits of belonging to a supportive community include more than just a longer life expectancy; it also plays a role in your weight loss success. The author of one study explains the following:


“An individual’s degree of success is likely to be heavily influenced by their capacity to construct linkages and alliances with people sharing the same problem, and the quality of the social network available.”


You are not alone, and others like you can give you strength and confidence.


Strong relationships will establish rapport and provide you an alliance, enabling you to feel that you are not alone along this bumpy road.


There is no better support for weight loss and fat loss success than you will receive through the program. This program offers newsletters, program, videos, membership, and so much more.


Weight Loss Maintenance Strategy #7: Elevate your body image


Caring about your weight loss goals sets a healthy attitude toward improving your self-image. Researchers have found that pride in your appearance is a good indicator of success in maintaining your weight.


That doesn’t mean that you should become obsessed with your body image, but you should pursue what researchers call “healthy narcissism.” This positive self-image helps you to stay motivated but should not be used as the only evaluation of a person’s success.


Weight Loss Maintenance Strategy #8:  Manage expectations


Know what you are in for. High expectations to lose a lot of weight during a very short time will set you up for failure and disappointment. Be realistic in your progress, and you will experience gradual success.


Weight loss, fat loss, and maintenance are accomplished not just through following one strategy; success is a combination of multiple strategies that change during the lifespan of your program.


The more strategies you can implement, the more likely you will be to succeed.


Here are your three pillars success:


  • Nutrition education


  • Workout implementation


  • Cognitive training


I am dedicated to your natural weight loss success!


Kind regards,


Stefan Aschan, M.Sc.

Natural Weight Loss Coach

Integrative Movement Specialist


Author of the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets

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